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Our society has had a sick fascination with this subject, be it feminist authors as far back as the 1970s create this kind of story as a Utopian vision, in line with their view that men are the root cause of all the evils in society. Some anti-feminist authors might create exactly the same kind of story to produce a dystopia, to show that feminists are the cause of all the ills of society or that women can step up and be the protects of the oh so precious men whom are now a type of biological oil. Then we have authors taking the stance that if men aren’t calling the shots, women will still make the same short-sighted and foolish decisions at the least in many cases throwing society into feudal injustices and inquisitions. Most of the time these concepts of “Apocalypse how” are so poorly thought out that the don’t even label chromosomes like Y and X and genes Y and X.

If it were not such a sickening subject being used to take up our interests, and yes this is sick its basically all people looking at pictures of the holocaust for a laugh, rape jokes fall into the same line we can’t use rape and mass murder of a group of people to entertain us. If we do we only make ourselves accepting of horrors. We don’t mind violent video games being played by 10 year old kids. Make a woman/man-holocaust is not needed inter partner violence is dropping in percentiles but really kids raised on violence will use violence. male or female these kids are beating their husbands or wives its not right but that’s what we have because violence is acceptable.

I don’t think my words could really do this conceptual horror justice. Please imagine this, a women laying dead on the side walk her 5 year old son clinging to her side begging her to wake up as his older sister follows suit coughing up blood before falling down dead. Soon he realizes there are dozens of women now corpses with blood on their hands as they cover their mouths. Please picture a father rushing to a near by ambulance with his 4 year old girl in his arms coughing up blood uncontrollably because her respiratory system like the rest of female humans is suffering from an unknown highly advanced form of cystic fibrosis that for some reason can’t take hold of a person unless they have two X chromosomes.

Is the image of an endless line of women with her dying son in her arms or trying to stop bleeding uncontrollably or has a fever that just won’t stop rising to the point his brain is literally cooked. Its doesn’t need to be a mother and her son either a loved one, brother, husband, or uncle will do. Now tell me is it a funny or entertaining site in your mind, or terribly horrific? If it isn’t the former then maybe there is a strand of hope in our culture. 

These issues of gendercide and rape can’t ever be used to entertain us, these topic need to be topics of worry and debate not to who and what is the cause or how many are victims. These things need to be subjects of change and concern not a good laugh or a existential protest. I hope as a Masculist and humanist that I can put an end to real cases of both not through force or law but by education, and rebuilding the symbiotic relationship of men and women.


“We acknowledge that men are raped too”…….. “Men don’t get a say in conversations about rape”

“We acknowledge that men are victims of abuse”….. “Men don’t get a say in conversations about abuse”

“We acknowledge that some men face oppression”….. “Men don’t get a say in conversations about oppression”

Female privilege is feeling as though your critiques of society are more valid simply because of your gender without considering the various other factors that could be making that man, in fact, a lot more versed than you. 

I’ve also noticed a lot of gratuitous use of the word ‘but’…. ‘I know men can suffer, BUT….’. You know what the word BUT means? ‘Forget everything I just said, this is what I really think’. It shows me at least, that you’re more concerned about your agenda than being open minded. That you simply ‘acknowledge’ an issue and never consider it again. That you actually don’t care that so many things labeled as ‘women issues’ are in general ‘human issues’.  

I think this is where the differences between MRAs/egalitarians/etc. and feminists/SJWs really tend to show through.  No matter how little a problem may affect women, you will rarely (if ever) see MRAs/egalitarians/etc. claim that they do not have the right to speak on the subject.  They certainly may judge whomever speaks, but it’s normally a matter of merit rather than demographics.

There’s a reason some of the foremost MRAs are women, but the reverse is not true in feminism.

Well my followers I have grown tired of feminist’s fears of debate while  whining over bullshit they do or don’t believe in. So I am now debating them or at least their statements openly here word for word paragraph by paragraph, all my responses to the feminist are in Italics…

It saddens me to think how many people in my generation believe that feminism is a movement for female superiority. It disheartens me even more that the less cynical members of my generation often think that today’s feminists are so thoughtlessly idealistic as to believe complete physical equality of men and women is possible. We’re smarter than that. The frustrating fact is that we must balance fighting for the legal and social protections we need to compensate for our disadvantage in physical strength while simultaneously keeping these protections from compromising our independence and self-worth, and from allowing men of inferior character to use these protections as pretext for discrimination.

It saddens you to see feminism associated with female supremacy. I am about to insult your reasoning, but do not get mad! You see last, I checked it was feminists stating how women are superior to men. The only thing not debunked about female superiority at debate wise was a woman’s ability to have babies, but a smart woman like you knows the only way a baby will be in a woman is if I help put it there! Feminist women have repeatedly declared themselves superior from the net to daily life! Good America had an entire hour dedicated to a feminist woman spouting off female supremacy, and how much higher women’s IQs are. When feminists speak of men, they talk down to us as if women are granting us the right to live. Despite the fact, a man made everything in your daily life, car, washing machine, and the Hover dam. Well I am glad to burst this bubble Albert Einstein had low IQ scores and now you are using his work for your education. Irony is so damn sweet! Now if you want to counter that, men made all these things thanks to oppression of women you would be wrong. Women have been in the fields of science long before the 19th amendment. They are not well known because they did not do much, a windshield wiper that is barely adequate here and a death from radiation exposure there doesn’t mean much in the world of science. Now that women are dominating all fields of education America’s scientific might has dwindled to nothing, while China launches the J-20 program at a faction of the Cost of America’s own ATF series aircraft after women entered the factories in the 1970s America’s manufacturing might has also dwindled to nothing.

Empirically speaking the fact feminists are avidly entranced by these female supremacy notions, genocide of men and follow these loud mouth liars would in fact make feminism a female supremacist group based on actions alone. Personally, I see a quagmire worse than the middle east war right here. Then you have the “If we had female rulers we’d have world peace” what feminist fail time and again to realize is that women have ruled empires and nations, but then again that knowledge comes from doing independent research, a task feminists tend to avoid, instead relying upon fictitious dogma. Hell did you know that the Reigning queens who superseded King Henry the VIII committed more crimes against humanity than Hitler did! That is where we get the name Bloody Marry.

Life isn’t fair. Is neither physiology, nor society. Society is fluid (much to the dismay of some); values can change for better or worse. Do not most faiths and philosophies insist that one of humankind’s highest duties is to make life better for other humans? Physiology on the other hand can’t be changed but with expensive, radical surgery available to few and not widely desired—viva la difference is the prevailing opinion now, which is great positive reinforcement when used correctly. But that leaves only social reform as a means of leveling the playing field, and there is plenty of room for improvement. By far most victims of abuse and violent crimes are women. Pay discrimination is still rampant (in the USA, the average Caucasian woman still makes only 78 cents for every dollar a man of the same ethnicity makes for the same job, and minorities fare worse) and justified in the minds of some of our politicians (see the case of Ms. Ledbetter vs. the Goodyear Tire plant). And when it comes to unintended children, women are far more likely to be financially restricted or ruined. These specters still haunt women of this day, and it was far worse before the early 20th century, when women had no power to do anything about it. One can see this universal pre-feminism frustration in myriad diverse literature: female characters in Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, Murasaki Shikibu’s The Tale of Genji, Christine de Pizan’s The City of Ladies, Henrik Isben’s A Doll’s House, and Kate Chopin’s The Awakening. In late Ming- and Qing-Dynasty China, some women (who were not allowed to learn how to read) developed their own secret script, called Nushu, to vent frustrations and, more fundamentally, to have a way to communicate beyond the boundaries of their homes which they could rarely if ever leave.

Well women learning to read and have college education has lead to things like SCUM and proposition 777, both the blueprints to genocide against men, and countless fictional books that follow these forms of doctrine create utopias. You are half right society is fluid and unfair towards men, when boys and men are rape victims the cops laugh and the news papers come up with the top ten sexiest female sex offenders. Colleges create programs like women’s centers despite the fact their policies force men out of higher learning at exponential rates, and the second the thought of a men’s center comes to mind feminists are the first to rally against it screaming male privilege, of course this is all empirical data so maybe it’s just painting feminists in a bad light. Now if women actually did 8.14 hours of work a day instead of 7.75 hours of work a day in an 8 hour day their 78 cents maybe a dollar, and if you died at work more often instead of calling in sick when that time of the month hits, you would make a dollar. Hell here is a piece of the wage gap you prepensely ignored women out earn, men in the same line of work for the same amount of work (or in some cases less work) in almost all major US cities! Where is the feminist outrage to that? Oh, wait that means you stood for equality if you did instead of female privileges. The right for women to vote was gained only in the 1920s of course if you look at what women had or didn’t have to do it would look more like a privilege since men couldn’t vote until the age of 21 yet had to serve in the military and pay taxes at the age of 18. Before men could exercise the right to vote they had to serve their country, and pay their country, only when the Vietnam war rolled around did this become public knowledge since most men fulfilled their duty to country, sacrificing their lives long before ever even having the chance to say who they wanted as president.

Wanting to feel strong, independent, and in control is a wholly human desire; both women and men have this same psychological need for power and security in themselves. But the problem is that women don’t have the same physical strength to make that a reality in the way that men do. Historically men have taken advantage of this, leaving a long and unsavory legacy of disenfranchisement, all manner of spousal abuse, literary venting (when women were even allowed to learn to read), inferiority complexes, and outright giving up on life. As a strong-willed, proud woman, the idea that I need social and legal protections to account for my dissimilar anatomy fundamentally irks me. I wish I didn’t need the justice system to force my employers to pay me fairly, keep my husband from raping me, keep my property and finances from being absorbed into my husband’s when I marry, force an unfaithful or irresponsible partner to help me pay for our child, or supply me with special services to keep me from having a child I don’t want. I’d feel better if women’s suffrage had been guaranteed in the preamble of the Constitution or in the Bill of Rights, not amended a mere 90 years ago out of the fortuitous grace of a male president and Congress. I wish I didn’t need laws, tools, and sporting events among other things to account for the difference between my strength and that of a man. Even though I personally would never consider a military career, I wish I could serve on the front lines with the men if I had to. If I’m going to put my life on the line, I want to be holding a gun, doing damage, and eligible for the highest recognition if I do die. After all, we don’t fight with cutting implements and brute force anymore; we use guns and bombs, things that require aim rather than muscle. But this is all minor and necessary humiliation compared to the horrific and degrading life I could expect without such extra protection.

Now besides the massive run on sentence, you are honestly complaining you do not have enough laws to protect you. Look up rape shield laws and the FBI’s definition of rape you women have enough laws to keep you safe from not only crime but also the punishment that results when you commit a crime. The US legal system awarded child support to a woman that used rape of a teenage boy to become pregnant. Only have the reproductive rights and parental rights hell in the UK a woman raped her ex husband to become pregnant since she signed a prenuptial agreement and didn’t get his money. Is the line you need your property protected from your husband a joke? The reality of divorce is that over 92% of divorced men pay alimony to their ex-wives who live in the home he bought and/or grew up in despite the fact women have all these master’s degrees and college educations you still need our resources. Oh wait of course, here I am think education equaled strong work ethic, when in reality it may as well mean nothing in the work place without work ethic I never showed up to a job with my degree and said pay me to sit around all day doing nothing. Who exactly is giving up on life, the men? Well yes that is true men make up most of the world’s suicides. It has to do with feminized culture increasing our disposability, and the fact you women want hyper masculine men which results in our son’s becoming anorexic and bulimic but the focus is solely on girls so as far as feminist are concerned those privileged little pigs can die in a ditch, huh? Is this because Chinese women could not leave their homes in say BC times? Sadly over a 100 men have killed themselves just because they lost the right to see or speak to their child. Oh, well poor man tears huh get over it silly men, move on. You really are stereotyping men as abusers despite the fact over 44% of domestic violence victims that are reported, and if Dateline’s social experiment proves how much society hates men, if you were to abuse me publically people would point and laugh at me including the police! Yes, an officer of the law stopped looked at a woman beating a man laughed at him and left. Oddly enough, you seem to be blind to the amount of power women and feminists have in the US government, it was a feminist senator that drafted VAWA and primary aggressor laws turning the feminist war against men became state funded. Did you know that you could rape your husband or any man and get child support? The greatest crime with rape in the US is that it is defined as unlawful penetration. Dumbed down that means women cannot be rapists even if they drug a man and steal his semen. Now before you claim to be fighting that state fuck ups, feminists are actually challenging the federal government to not include men as victims of women. Guns, missiles, and bombs actually do require muscle, since you have no interest in the military you only see the occasion drone strike on the news and go I can do that. I’ll tell you this an M136 AT missile is more than 14lbs, the newest and lightest combat helmet is 8lbs, and a combat vest without the ceramic plates (not using the 10 plates is a death sentence)weights in at a good 35lbs. Now that is not including a full load out of ammunition, food, water, radios and grenades for a total of over 200lbs. As for war I’ll let you in on secret, no matter how advanced a computer, it still can’t secure an objective and hold the line.

The flip side of that coin is what harm can come to the female psyche when she is constantly reminded of the protection she needs. Feelings of physical inferiority all too often, through attrition on the female’s part and perverse logic ranging from paternalistic to misogynistic on the male’s part, translate into feelings of intellectual and/or moral inferiority. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that goes onto deny generations of half the world’s innovativeness. It’s simply not worth the loss of progress for men to hog the innovative limelight; it propagates a stereotype of female intellectual inferiority that is simply not true. These are the facts: men have more massive brains, but to compensate for size differences, women’s brains have more surface area and more connections between neurons. Most brain scans show that men tend to use more of one hemisphere of their brain (usually the left), while women tend to use an almost equal amount of both the left and right hemispheres; but the average amount of neurological activity is roughly the same in both sexes. Male subjects have shown a marginally greater proclivity for math and science, and women for communication and the arts; but the differences are vastly outstripped by variation in aptitudes between individuals, schools, and even ethnicities (the last due to differences in linguistic development). To base mental inferiority on a physical disadvantage is ludicrous. The brain is in the head, not the pelvis, or the groin.

Hogging the spotlight for innovation is it; oh forgive me if my gender is just more creative and innovative than your own. Constantly being remind of needing protection the only people constantly bitching about women needing protection are feminists its why the drafted the bullshit pseudo statistics VAWA and don’t link me the FBI as a source for domestic violence they spend more money and time black listing and gunning innocence down to care about domestic violence and rape. The reality is women commit sex crimes and domestic violence at equal or higher rates than men. Men haven’t kept women locked up throughout history much too feminist chagrin. In fact women have been getting college education since the late 18th century and that is only for the US. Oh yes women are so equal to men in math and sciences even though America’s school system thanks to feminism uses Ritalin to control the boys so that the teachers can focus on educating the girls. Now despite this sick use of narcotics on our sons, boys still make up a larger portion of advanced placement students. I do not know about you but it seems men just might be superior to women, after all the things feminists use to reduce men to domesticated labor animals and felons we still out class the womyn, and can you state where exactly are women being bombarded with information claiming that they are the inferior gender? I mean I see women act like the superior gender all the time, giving me token equality at best, and more often flat out abuse. You talk about the brain being in the head and not in the groin or pelvis, yet if anyone in the world of politics wants a quick win he should certainly speak about women’s pelvic regions as the main objective of his or her campaign. I did love how the democratic national convention said “our daughter should be paid the same as our son for the same job as our sons” even though our sons do more dangerous jobs and work longer hours of course the women cheered they’ll be getting paid for not working as hard. The fact is women had plenty of opportunity before feminism as far back as the Roman Empire even. Hell women now dominate the field of college educated Americans but every male dominated country like, Japan and China surpass America in science and industry. Thank god feminist didn’t take hold until after the cold war, hell Obama in Regan’s shoes would just nuked the Soviets and thought nothing of it. The Chinese have created a 5th generation stealth fighter in a matter of years and well under the budget originally drafted for America’s F-35 JSF program. The F35 is America’s so called cheap and economical future fighter jet that just so happens to run over budget repeatedly.

Despite claims from many segments of the population, men and women alike, that feminism is an outdated concept that has degenerated into pure fanaticism with the decline of tangible targets, several trends assure me feminism in its proper form is still very relevant. I will only touch on the two for now, since so many of these issues are unnecessarily polarizing and subject to cultural bias, both on readers’ parts and mine. One is global, the other particular to a few other western nations. Here in the USA, outlawing most forms of sex discrimination in the legal sphere led to chauvinism going into a sort of stealth mode, seeking its outlet in the subtleties of pop culture. It sneaks new or overhauled stereotypes around token, often sexualized heroines, with the assurance that the few strong women add just enough balance to offset the resurgence of the ditzy blondes, petty sluts, evil temptresses, and damsels in distress. Nobody seems to notice that every year our pop idols are losing more clothes, talent, and distinct looks in favor of bigger breasts, fuller lips, and other purely cosmetic décor. Try this exercise: How many female movie or pop stars can you name? Probably a lot. How many faces or distinct facial features can you associate with them? Probably a lot less. Try it again with male stars. The number of faces and number of names were a lot closer, right. That is objectification in action, and it’s not limited to performance industries. One could argue it stems from a desire to lend our stale, repetitive plots and scores some classical artistic finesse; what better what than falling back on the oldest, most popular subject in the history of art? I don’t dispute that the female figure (or the male figure for that matter) can be a work of art. What I object to is using it as a default to stir primal interest just in case nothing else about one’s art is worth paying attention to, or worse, using it as compensation for lack of talent in an arena where looks should have no bearing whatsoever.

Outlawing sexual discrimination on paper has only made it legal for men to be discriminated against now despite what Wikipedia says about title IX and VAWA the reality is that both have and are harming men. Sadly if you didn’t spend so much fucking time there and looked at feminism with more than just your delusional definition based notions and look at some of its actions or read a book that didn’t provide feminism with a few thousand pages of ass worship, you’d see why men and women hate feminism. Things like VAWA supports mythical notions of men as abusers, and women as victims only. If I were a woman, I would be pissed that all I am thanks to feminism is a victim of men. Women hate feminism because it doesn’t empower them it makes them weak, and men hate it because it labels us as societies woes, sex fiends and abusers of women. All despite the fact that everything in society from nuclear and solar energy to the food we buy is thanks to a man. Open your eyes and then you will that feminists in general not just radicals are obsessed with committing mass murder against men and boys if you took the time read works by Joanna Russ. Now do not just read what she or Wikipedia had to say about it this is what you need to see for yourself, how she detailed the mass murder of men and boys for her lesbian utopia go to school and poison the food or pills of little boys. It would be easy just like the feminists of radical feminist hub say “boys are on Ritalin already how hard is it to replace Ritalin with arsenic” that was mentioned in Jo Anna Russ’s work the boys at school were given vitamins that sterilized them then killed them. Other feminists are better at hiding their hate through fictional character they base on themselves. Gloria Steinem wrote a character that thinks men are nothing but rapists and that is about it. Now do you honestly expect me to buy the bullshit line “it’s just her fictional character” when she tries to strip anyone that disagrees with her of free speech?

Luckily, not everyone pays attention to pop culture. Impact averted. No. The global trend, and for me the one that hits closer to home is the free range bullying online. On the web, people of all nations collude from behind pseudonyms or simply an “anonymous” label. Names and faces assign responsibility; without that, all the bigots, sexists, chauvinists, racists, and homophobes can with impunity unleash all the hate and prejudice they bottled up to get through everyday conversations without incurring acquaintances’ wrath. Now, people are not like chemical mixtures—they don’t meet at some mean, mode, or median opinion. People rally around whoever barks loudest, and empirically speaking, the louder the argument, the more emotionally involved the arguer is with the premise. From there, as long as the message continues to offend people and as long as people can continue to post anonymously, the message will be repeated ad infinitum if for no other reason than shock value. One might be tempted to say that most people are joking when they post “shut up and get back in the kitchen,” call women bitches and whores, reduce women in conversation to the vulgar slang for their genitalia, and treat rape as funny or deserved. If it’s pretend it shouldn’t be a problem; but it is. No person ever completely outgrows impressionability. People will start to believe almost anything if they hear it often enough; politicians know this better than anyone. That’s how the Tea Party in the USA moved from political fabrication to real movement. That’s how our country’s media came to be labeled “liberal” even though all 6 major news corporations are headed by conservatives. That’s even how America was convinced that Iraq had WMDs despite all the research and intelligence to the contrary. Likewise, people constantly bombarded with sexist jokes can eventually come to believe that brand of humor (if it can be called that) is acceptable offline and that women who protest are being overly sensitive. This in turn reinforces more serious chauvinists’ arguments that women are stupidly driven by emotion, which only motivates further harassment. Either way, whether the irresponsible jokers realize it or not, both they and the women they harass are slowly internalizing the insults. The collective impact on the female psyche is not so different from an abusive relationship. I know this from personal experience, and constantly worry how many of my peers who tell these jokes subconsciously believe what they say. I worry even more that this trend may be a reaction to the public lambasting men as dimwits led by their second head. Boy’s test scores have declined in the past few decades in step with the popularity of sexist jokes and the stereotype of the idiot husband. And discipline problems are on the rise in both sexes. Men and women take note: anonymous or not, a joke is never just a joke. It is a mirror of the person or society that told it. That and paybacks are hell.

Paybacks are hell; well its actually pay back is a bitch, like you. Now if I had the same amount of spinal column as a male feminist, I would label that as a threat of violence against men. Oh hell it is a threat of violence you even told me that, and you wonder why I paint feminists as a violent lot of female terrorists in my fiction. Now tell me where do you see or watch these kitchen jokes? Online but if you watch Modern Family for 15 minutes you will see how misandrious the most popular Wednesday Night show in America’s TV lineup is. The husband and son (hell all men)are total morons that can’t do anything right, unless it’s by accident. Now if you weren’t so self centered you’d know that every day in schools and where ever a boy goes he has to hear and accept your female superiority rants or else he is a bad mean sexist. I am sure you have won a lot of debates sitting on the “sex card” alone. Tell me where you are finding all this anti-female rhetoric because I have looked all over the net and in real life, the only things found are putting men down and elevating women far more often than a few kitchen jokes. If we do not want to marry you, we are immature babies, even if we are smart enough not to stick around with cheep abusive whores for more than a night. The only Ad Infinitum I have seen is female superiority, it’s being passed out like candy on Halloween. And if you want with emperical data then guess what your use of Manboobz as a legit source certainly doesn’t leave much room for doubt that you are a misandric bitch.

I won’t pretend to be writing this to protest some grave injustice done to me in the past. I’ve lived very well, and am proud to be the third generation in a line of working women who have all ended up as either the primary or the sole breadwinners of the household. I owe all of them a great deal for never letting me shortchange myself, for always helping me patch up the emotional wounds from others, and for supporting me all the way into my current collegiate career. It’s because of them that I realize the fight isn’t over, that it’s still not okay to let people casually label me “bitch” and hang on my shoulders, like dead weight, all the unsavory images and low expectations that come with the name. It’s for their sake that I stay informed in politics and take care not to waste my vote or take it for granted. It’s thanks to them that I know I can’t be a true feminist unless I give men the same respect I expect from them, and hold them to the same standards I hold myself. Feminism is about reciprocity, not revenge. It’s about respecting anatomical differences without letting them interfere. And fundamentally, it’s a subset of humankind’s duties to improve the lives of other humans. Welcome to 21st-century feminism.

At least you are not doing this because you decided to date a slick sexy man who had no desire to be with you past a night, like so many other women who make bad choices and cannot accept their own mistake. Its also nice to know that while you lived a privileged life with art schools and summer camps, I lived on the streets for years andendured enough abuse from women to make a seriel killer. While you got a sweet sixteen party I had anotehr ignored birthday to ad to the 28 years I’ve been alove. While you put a yellow ribon on your car I strapped a piece of steal on the bottom of a hummerfor added protection from IEDs. Now did you even think that your father might have hit a bad run in this economy since women have laws that literally protect them from being fired? In any case, as I keep reading, you seem to be gloating about how superior the women in your family are to the men. That is misandry, and you are supporting female superiority. Therefore, I will go on about my life every abuser in my life had tits and a vagina and no I am not an exception to the rule of abuse victims. I actually the norm but you feminists believe women are superior and can’t abuse anyone even though the empirical data is against you. You want to know something being a sole breadwinner is easy when you have a law protecting your job even if you perform in a subpar manner. From the sounds of you alone, I would hate to be your father much less your brother, cousin or any relation. All my abusers were physical, sexual but rarely as passive aggressive and manipulative as the manner in which you speak. You demonstrate how useless and inferior your father is compared to mommy and grand ma. If you are trying to persuade people that feminism uses facts and loves men this is a piss poor excuse no link or articles it’s like throwing a sparkler at a terrorist and calling it a grenade. Of course, by your own admission father taught you art and by your admission supported you the most in hard times, so now can you see why I don’t want a daughter the empirical data here just proves females to be ungrateful passive aggressive brats. Now in keeping with feminist fashion not once have you provided a link our book source for any of the information you have stated and why is that? I mean you link Wikipedia to me as though it is the USA Today, the CDC or some other non-Fox news agency. On Wikipedia in less than 5 minutes I edited in how Bob Dole gave me Hepatitis B, said Abe Lincoln was democrat born on the moon, and said Jesus Christ had a laser beam helmet. Do you like being wrong?

I won’t ignore the fact that biological differences do hinder women in the military, and the USMC has lowered its standards to  women. The Pentagon recently cleared women for combat. Sadly not every woman wants to meet the standards that men face. 

As a combat-experienced Marine officer, and a female, I am here to tell you that we are not all created equal, and attempting to place females in the infantry will not improve the Marine Corps as the Nation’s force-in-readiness or improve our national security…

I can say from firsthand experience in Iraq and Afghanistan, and not just emotion, that we haven’t even begun to analyze and comprehend the gender-specific medical issues and overall physical toll continuous combat operations will have on females…

I am confident that should the Marine Corps attempt to fully integrate women into the infantry, we as an institution are going to experience a colossal increase in crippling and career-ending medical conditions for females…

…this potential change will rock the foundation of our Corps for the worse and will weaken what has been since 1775 the world’s most lethal fighting force.

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I agree with her of course to a point. Men and women are not the same our muscle mass is denser and our aerobic endurance is higher, while women can recover from muscle exhaustion quicker than men they also reach their exhuastion rate in less time than a man with equal training. In all women who serve will need to work twice as hard to be equal. My theoretical solutions is that women serve side byside with other women. Plus keeping men and women separate will also reduce the likelihood of fornication on the job similar to what USN aircraft carrier faces with integrated crews. I like idea that in five body bags there will be one woman and four men. Women who form 20% of the US military a one in five ratio will make a nice even casualty rate and ensure men no longer become the primary casualty of war. In all women in the USMC don’t face the exact same standards as men, and until that injustice towards women’s own ability to serve on the front line changes, I honestly don’t want women serving in the military. If a woman is given a chivalrous run through the hellish honor of serving in the Armed forces she is facing a disservice and will in turn cripple the military. I saw no women in Fallujah so saying our brave fighting men and women was insulting. Equality is not all sun shine and roses, its gritty cruel and brutal at times. Its why I am a Masculitist Men’s Rights and women’s rights are the same thing and treatment in the military must be exactly the same despite gender differences. it won’t be easy but the women who have the drive will be true Fighting women.

Online harassment or just people making fun of an idiot that has no legitimate sources and fears debate? I mean the game where you can beat the shit out of Anita is probably made by one of her lackeys, but the statement with it is spot on…

Anita Sarkeesian has not only scammed thousands of people out of over $160,000, but also uses the excuse that she is a woman to get away with whatever she damn well pleases. Any form of constructive criticism, even from fellow women, is either ignored or labelled to be sexist against her.

She claims to want gender equality in video games, but in reality, she just wants to use the fact that she was born with a vagina to get free money and sympathy from everyone who crosses her path.

Anita needs money to research video games, despite the fact fans with the help of the game developers have formed hundreds of thousands of Wiki sites dedicated to games she bitches about, be it Gears of War wiki, Modern Warfare wiki, note these sites are instant Google searches away from anyone wishing to research the game’s plot and history. Really she has less facts in her videos than a Nazi propaganda film on Death Camps women earn less than men the wage gap is not because of women’s vagina its just because they don’t die on the job at rate above 90%, work more hours, and don’t take on the most dangerous jobs in most fields. Her videos basically make men into rapists and wife beaters despite the fact most of her sexist tv shows and movies aren’t really sexist but factual and trust me feminists there are plenty of logical counter for her bitching tropes you just like to ignore them. Now a video-game online about beating up Anita is low although feminists in their quest for equality have done much much worse, in Sweden a feminist group is encouraging little girls to kill boys with their shoot men in the back of the head plays. Thankfully their names and faces have been identified and society will treat them as the sick monsters they are, then again this is only something we can hope for in our times.


Anita’s claims logically addressed

  • 130million girls suffer Female Genital mutilation,
  • women own no more than 1% of the worlds land,
  • 600 women are raped every day in America,
  • women make up 66% of the worlds illterate


Anita’s claim is a high end estimate made by Barbra Walters back when she was a reporter for 20/20 which was ages ago.The potential range is 100-140 million. It’s totally misleading and unequal to quote one form of genital mutilation without the other more common practice. Secondly, this is in comparison to roughly one billion male victims of male genital mutilation. Thirdly, unlike FGM, MGM is accepted, legal, and has an economy in all countries where feminism is wide spread. Oprah’s favorite face cream relies on the foreskins of infant boys to be made and each foreskin is worth at least $100,000, except in Germany which made MGM illegal. Female genital mutilation has been illegal in virtually every first-world nation for decades and a large number of others. Until recently we weren’t aware it existed, and it’s been under considerable global pressure ever since Barbra Walters brought it to light. In comparison, MGM is being actively encouraged in many nations because of HIV research known to be idiotic on average and at best inconclusive. The idea that having one’s genitals mutilated is a primarily female issue or using it to “point out” female oppression is idiotic, especially in the first-world countries where it’s already illegal and never happens. This issue needs to be desegregated, human genital mutilation needs to be stopped, that’s all there is to it but feminism isn’t about equality now is it?


Women own 1% of the worlds land

This is total bullshit since there is not and has never been any form of research or evidence to support this statistical claim. It doesn’t help that while the original version “men own 99% of the worlds property”, was equally unsupported the term used was “property,” not “land,” and had a completely different meaning. Philip Cohen covers this subject in his blog piece rather well,

That thing you might have heard, about women’s work, income and property ownership — it’s not true. (And yes, I really am a feminist.

The cold reality is that feminist who claim women are doing 2/3 of the worlds work are completely unfounded. There are no studies no research groups or anything to confirm this report it is completely unfounded and false. To treat it as a social fact is insanely asinine.

600 rapes a day

If 600 women were raped a day in the US that would mean that 219,000 women are raped every single year despite the fact the numbers of actual rapes are less than 200,000. The reality is feminism, has achieved this number by making up audacious definitions of rape. Regret having sex you’re a rape victim, get drunk and have sex you’re a rape victim; the list goes on like this forever. The reality is that only23% of supposed rape victims on campus were in fact raped. Now even if this were potentially true the reality is that men outside of prison are raped at the much higher number of 300,000 a year by not only other men but also women. To make a claim of female oppression based on the possible numbers of rape is ludicrous.

66% of the world’s women are Illiterate

Again Anita is clearly lying according to the UN as of 2009 women made up 79.2% of the world’s literate population. Either Anita failed grade-school mathematics or she is just lying. My bet is that she is lying since this would mean that the illiteracy rate is roughly 20.8%.

Anita vs Privileged Men

I don’t know about anyone else but I really am not feeling bad about Anita being bullied she is after all a liar! tell me folks if someone lies do they not deserve to be punished? In Anita’s case she stereotypes men and boys with the broadest and vaguest descriptions of [mythical] male privilege. Unlike Anita I didn’t come from a middle class background my next meal was in conflict of not existing, and I rarely saw my mother. Of course school was a nightmare since no one there cared if we learned we were inner city brats that were biding our time before we went to prison. Only when my grandfather took custody of me did education become more important than dinner, it would be served at 5pm regularly. Now if I compared my life to Anita the only privileged brat with no clue of struggling and suffering in life would be Anita. Now to Anita she uses male privilege as an excuse at over kill lengths. In all men do not at all work for their success its always handed to them, and of course she like many other feminists think women do 2/3 of the worlds work again another feminist lie. When the counter points to male privilege are brought to light such as men being coalminers and dying in wars at rates above 90% Anita and the femtard ilk will say that male privileges are distributed to men at varying rates. A simplistic way of down playing their idiocy into a more usable format. In all when men attack her she chants that the privileged are attacking her unjustly, but the reality is a stark difference. She is no victim she is an over privileged lying brat that has conned people out of their hard earned money, and the men she so loathes are refusing to take it lying down. So no Anita you are the privileged coward not me and not anyone of the men like me, who expose your lies.

What many liberals want the world to believe is that they have no hate for anyone at all this is a fallacy. Liberal groups and blogs are ripe with hate ranging from misandry to heterophobia, but are likely to resort to ad hominem and Ad populum attacks. Oddly enough, the Southern Poverty Law Center and Manboobz blog are in fact both associated with Hate groups, and are themselves respectively a hate group. Shortly before the SPLC labeled the Men’s Rights Movement and any activist associated with it a misogynist, the MRM was spreading awareness of the misandric treatment of men who are victims of false accusations and/or society’s stereotypical views of men, specifically the MRM set about identifying radical feminists. The feminists in question were openly discussing the need to commit eugenics and infanticide against men. The most shocking and hypocritical fact about the SPLC is that it is literally taking donations from Radical Feminist Hub, the website who’s members and founders are currently under fire from the MRM.

The SPLC oddly enough labeled the MRM a hate group shortly after the website A Voice for Men, announced that the name and occupation of Pamela O’Shaughnessy the founder of Radical Feminist Hub was announced to the world. In response to the fact, she was out in many ways. The feminists did the only thing they can really do when they have a lot of government money to throw around; they paid the SPLC to act as their white knight. Of course, men like David Futrelle called the MRM a hate group free of charge, but he has no credibility not only in the eyes of the MRM but with feminists in general.

The SPLC has created a full page dedicated to showing the public sites of misogyny. The one site SPLC has decided to attack is SAVE Services. The SPLC claims that approximately twice as many women as men are injured during incidents of domestic violence. Oddly, though the SPLC does not give much in the way of evidence to prove this attack. In fact, the SPLC has no sources what so ever to disprove anything that SAVE services has stated. This lack of evidence is repeated not once but twelve times on several Men’s Rights websites. Is it any wonder why the SPLC is whoring itself out to the first group of people willing to throw money its way.Advocating murder, child abuse, and eugenics are obviously not hateful in the SPLC’s definition of hate group activities. This in and of itself strips the SPLC of any anti-hate group credibility to anyone with logical comprehension.

The facts that add up against the SPLC range from their use of feminist dogma/myth and pure lies.

Manboobz the Hate blog

Manboobz found David Futrelle has a tendency to spin social facts into a form of hate rhetoric all while making sure women in feminism never get blamed for their own actions. He does all he can to lay blame on the shoulders of men while literally defending the attempted murder and terrorization of Andy Warhol as justified because Valerie Solanas was probably abused as a child. By this very same logic, Charles Manson is completely innocent of his crimes.

David Futrelle’s most maddening tendency as the Manboobz blogger is that he takes reasonable statements and surrounds it with enough false rhetoric that treats said statements as though they are outrageous messages of hate. The tactic has been surprisingly effective, since people –specifically feminists gravitate to authority figures. It does not matter if one’s only “authority,” is just that of blog master. Now I find David to be a raging hypocrite for a few reasons the first I stated and second reasons are stated. The third reason I dislike David came in the form of a challenge from an MRA called Fidelbogen, took it upon him to read in-depth into feminist “theory” and “philosophy.” One would expect that upon seeing your opponent show you a good deal of respect that you would do your best to respect your opponent. Well like a true feminist, David shows absolutely no respect to his opposition. David instead calls his MRA challenger “the wannabe philosopher-king of the Men’s Rights movement.”

Futrelle can spin social fact as misogynist rhetoric so well it is scary. Manboobz is literally what I would consider an evangelical preacher, or religious leader. The followers of Manboobz are essentially David’s religious fundamentalist followers. In place of worshipping a deity or a holy book, they blindly follow David’s ideology; that is, they have decided on a worldview, a Way Things Are, and will bend reality to suit their own plastic mold of the universe. Sadly, there are many ideologues running across our world.After scrolling through the comments section of Manboobz you’ll see what appears to be “priests” Pecunium, Snowy, and Rutee the later is the most insistent peddler of the most astounding bullshit, as she helpfully reiterated in a recent Boobz comment:

Oh, and Radfems do not really have a problem with dudes qua dudes, you idiots just can’t help but live in a fantasy world where they do.

I mean seriously Rutee and her ilk have this weirdly, extreme form of “social justice” where there are groups who have it bad, and other groups that clearly do not. Never mind the fact that our world is complicated, messy, and it never fits into neat little “sociological” categories, these Boobz willmake it conform no matter how fatuous it sounds. The most preposterous example of doubletalk is the aforementioned conviction that there is not a misandric bone in the bodies of Radical feminists. Why don’t we all just do a bit of web suffering … I mean surfing and read up on the way radical feminist treat men.

The first site I found Eve Bit First has a mission statement that follows;

Dear men:


No, seriously. This is a rant, and it’s about you, personally. You, personally, are a shit, because statistics indicate there is an almost 100% certainty that you have either committed a rape, or wanted to commit a rape, or knowingly assisted or defended someone who committed a rape, or mocked a woman who was raped. And no, I’m not dropping links to tell you what you should damn well already know.

That’s where I stopped reading literally I can’t take it, I mean seriously if that is love … well if that is not misandry but in fact love I don’t want to give the feminist movement as a whole to much power, not until it cleans out its closet of misandry skeletons. As much as I would love to keep surfing the web for this I really can’t take much more, but I will provide you all with this a lovely video showing the screen caps of the website Radical Feminist Hub and a break down of the SPLC’s attack on the MRM. Now when women get raped at Occupy wall street and Occupy memebers attempt to blow up an Interstate bridge its perfectly okay with the left. As a person who is far more centered than Democrat or Republican I can certainly say the SPLC is incompetent beyond most scales known to common man.