What many liberals want the world to believe is that they have no hate for anyone at all this is a fallacy. Liberal groups and blogs are ripe with hate ranging from misandry to heterophobia, but are likely to resort to ad hominem and Ad populum attacks. Oddly enough, the Southern Poverty Law Center and Manboobz blog are in fact both associated with Hate groups, and are themselves respectively a hate group. Shortly before the SPLC labeled the Men’s Rights Movement and any activist associated with it a misogynist, the MRM was spreading awareness of the misandric treatment of men who are victims of false accusations and/or society’s stereotypical views of men, specifically the MRM set about identifying radical feminists. The feminists in question were openly discussing the need to commit eugenics and infanticide against men. The most shocking and hypocritical fact about the SPLC is that it is literally taking donations from Radical Feminist Hub, the website who’s members and founders are currently under fire from the MRM.

The SPLC oddly enough labeled the MRM a hate group shortly after the website A Voice for Men, announced that the name and occupation of Pamela O’Shaughnessy the founder of Radical Feminist Hub was announced to the world. In response to the fact, she was out in many ways. The feminists did the only thing they can really do when they have a lot of government money to throw around; they paid the SPLC to act as their white knight. Of course, men like David Futrelle called the MRM a hate group free of charge, but he has no credibility not only in the eyes of the MRM but with feminists in general.

The SPLC has created a full page dedicated to showing the public sites of misogyny. The one site SPLC has decided to attack is SAVE Services. The SPLC claims that approximately twice as many women as men are injured during incidents of domestic violence. Oddly, though the SPLC does not give much in the way of evidence to prove this attack. In fact, the SPLC has no sources what so ever to disprove anything that SAVE services has stated. This lack of evidence is repeated not once but twelve times on several Men’s Rights websites. Is it any wonder why the SPLC is whoring itself out to the first group of people willing to throw money its way.Advocating murder, child abuse, and eugenics are obviously not hateful in the SPLC’s definition of hate group activities. This in and of itself strips the SPLC of any anti-hate group credibility to anyone with logical comprehension.

The facts that add up against the SPLC range from their use of feminist dogma/myth and pure lies.

Manboobz the Hate blog

Manboobz found David Futrelle has a tendency to spin social facts into a form of hate rhetoric all while making sure women in feminism never get blamed for their own actions. He does all he can to lay blame on the shoulders of men while literally defending the attempted murder and terrorization of Andy Warhol as justified because Valerie Solanas was probably abused as a child. By this very same logic, Charles Manson is completely innocent of his crimes.

David Futrelle’s most maddening tendency as the Manboobz blogger is that he takes reasonable statements and surrounds it with enough false rhetoric that treats said statements as though they are outrageous messages of hate. The tactic has been surprisingly effective, since people –specifically feminists gravitate to authority figures. It does not matter if one’s only “authority,” is just that of blog master. Now I find David to be a raging hypocrite for a few reasons the first I stated and second reasons are stated. The third reason I dislike David came in the form of a challenge from an MRA called Fidelbogen, took it upon him to read in-depth into feminist “theory” and “philosophy.” One would expect that upon seeing your opponent show you a good deal of respect that you would do your best to respect your opponent. Well like a true feminist, David shows absolutely no respect to his opposition. David instead calls his MRA challenger “the wannabe philosopher-king of the Men’s Rights movement.”

Futrelle can spin social fact as misogynist rhetoric so well it is scary. Manboobz is literally what I would consider an evangelical preacher, or religious leader. The followers of Manboobz are essentially David’s religious fundamentalist followers. In place of worshipping a deity or a holy book, they blindly follow David’s ideology; that is, they have decided on a worldview, a Way Things Are, and will bend reality to suit their own plastic mold of the universe. Sadly, there are many ideologues running across our world.After scrolling through the comments section of Manboobz you’ll see what appears to be “priests” Pecunium, Snowy, and Rutee the later is the most insistent peddler of the most astounding bullshit, as she helpfully reiterated in a recent Boobz comment:

Oh, and Radfems do not really have a problem with dudes qua dudes, you idiots just can’t help but live in a fantasy world where they do.

I mean seriously Rutee and her ilk have this weirdly, extreme form of “social justice” where there are groups who have it bad, and other groups that clearly do not. Never mind the fact that our world is complicated, messy, and it never fits into neat little “sociological” categories, these Boobz willmake it conform no matter how fatuous it sounds. The most preposterous example of doubletalk is the aforementioned conviction that there is not a misandric bone in the bodies of Radical feminists. Why don’t we all just do a bit of web suffering … I mean surfing and read up on the way radical feminist treat men.

The first site I found Eve Bit First has a mission statement that follows;

Dear men:


No, seriously. This is a rant, and it’s about you, personally. You, personally, are a shit, because statistics indicate there is an almost 100% certainty that you have either committed a rape, or wanted to commit a rape, or knowingly assisted or defended someone who committed a rape, or mocked a woman who was raped. And no, I’m not dropping links to tell you what you should damn well already know.

That’s where I stopped reading literally I can’t take it, I mean seriously if that is love … well if that is not misandry but in fact love I don’t want to give the feminist movement as a whole to much power, not until it cleans out its closet of misandry skeletons. As much as I would love to keep surfing the web for this I really can’t take much more, but I will provide you all with this a lovely video showing the screen caps of the website Radical Feminist Hub and a break down of the SPLC’s attack on the MRM. Now when women get raped at Occupy wall street and Occupy memebers attempt to blow up an Interstate bridge its perfectly okay with the left. As a person who is far more centered than Democrat or Republican I can certainly say the SPLC is incompetent beyond most scales known to common man.