Online harassment or just people making fun of an idiot that has no legitimate sources and fears debate? I mean the game where you can beat the shit out of Anita is probably made by one of her lackeys, but the statement with it is spot on…

Anita Sarkeesian has not only scammed thousands of people out of over $160,000, but also uses the excuse that she is a woman to get away with whatever she damn well pleases. Any form of constructive criticism, even from fellow women, is either ignored or labelled to be sexist against her.

She claims to want gender equality in video games, but in reality, she just wants to use the fact that she was born with a vagina to get free money and sympathy from everyone who crosses her path.

Anita needs money to research video games, despite the fact fans with the help of the game developers have formed hundreds of thousands of Wiki sites dedicated to games she bitches about, be it Gears of War wiki, Modern Warfare wiki, note these sites are instant Google searches away from anyone wishing to research the game’s plot and history. Really she has less facts in her videos than a Nazi propaganda film on Death Camps women earn less than men the wage gap is not because of women’s vagina its just because they don’t die on the job at rate above 90%, work more hours, and don’t take on the most dangerous jobs in most fields. Her videos basically make men into rapists and wife beaters despite the fact most of her sexist tv shows and movies aren’t really sexist but factual and trust me feminists there are plenty of logical counter for her bitching tropes you just like to ignore them. Now a video-game online about beating up Anita is low although feminists in their quest for equality have done much much worse, in Sweden a feminist group is encouraging little girls to kill boys with their shoot men in the back of the head plays. Thankfully their names and faces have been identified and society will treat them as the sick monsters they are, then again this is only something we can hope for in our times.


Anita’s claims logically addressed

  • 130million girls suffer Female Genital mutilation,
  • women own no more than 1% of the worlds land,
  • 600 women are raped every day in America,
  • women make up 66% of the worlds illterate


Anita’s claim is a high end estimate made by Barbra Walters back when she was a reporter for 20/20 which was ages ago.The potential range is 100-140 million. It’s totally misleading and unequal to quote one form of genital mutilation without the other more common practice. Secondly, this is in comparison to roughly one billion male victims of male genital mutilation. Thirdly, unlike FGM, MGM is accepted, legal, and has an economy in all countries where feminism is wide spread. Oprah’s favorite face cream relies on the foreskins of infant boys to be made and each foreskin is worth at least $100,000, except in Germany which made MGM illegal. Female genital mutilation has been illegal in virtually every first-world nation for decades and a large number of others. Until recently we weren’t aware it existed, and it’s been under considerable global pressure ever since Barbra Walters brought it to light. In comparison, MGM is being actively encouraged in many nations because of HIV research known to be idiotic on average and at best inconclusive. The idea that having one’s genitals mutilated is a primarily female issue or using it to “point out” female oppression is idiotic, especially in the first-world countries where it’s already illegal and never happens. This issue needs to be desegregated, human genital mutilation needs to be stopped, that’s all there is to it but feminism isn’t about equality now is it?


Women own 1% of the worlds land

This is total bullshit since there is not and has never been any form of research or evidence to support this statistical claim. It doesn’t help that while the original version “men own 99% of the worlds property”, was equally unsupported the term used was “property,” not “land,” and had a completely different meaning. Philip Cohen covers this subject in his blog piece rather well,

That thing you might have heard, about women’s work, income and property ownership — it’s not true. (And yes, I really am a feminist.

The cold reality is that feminist who claim women are doing 2/3 of the worlds work are completely unfounded. There are no studies no research groups or anything to confirm this report it is completely unfounded and false. To treat it as a social fact is insanely asinine.

600 rapes a day

If 600 women were raped a day in the US that would mean that 219,000 women are raped every single year despite the fact the numbers of actual rapes are less than 200,000. The reality is feminism, has achieved this number by making up audacious definitions of rape. Regret having sex you’re a rape victim, get drunk and have sex you’re a rape victim; the list goes on like this forever. The reality is that only23% of supposed rape victims on campus were in fact raped. Now even if this were potentially true the reality is that men outside of prison are raped at the much higher number of 300,000 a year by not only other men but also women. To make a claim of female oppression based on the possible numbers of rape is ludicrous.

66% of the world’s women are Illiterate

Again Anita is clearly lying according to the UN as of 2009 women made up 79.2% of the world’s literate population. Either Anita failed grade-school mathematics or she is just lying. My bet is that she is lying since this would mean that the illiteracy rate is roughly 20.8%.

Anita vs Privileged Men

I don’t know about anyone else but I really am not feeling bad about Anita being bullied she is after all a liar! tell me folks if someone lies do they not deserve to be punished? In Anita’s case she stereotypes men and boys with the broadest and vaguest descriptions of [mythical] male privilege. Unlike Anita I didn’t come from a middle class background my next meal was in conflict of not existing, and I rarely saw my mother. Of course school was a nightmare since no one there cared if we learned we were inner city brats that were biding our time before we went to prison. Only when my grandfather took custody of me did education become more important than dinner, it would be served at 5pm regularly. Now if I compared my life to Anita the only privileged brat with no clue of struggling and suffering in life would be Anita. Now to Anita she uses male privilege as an excuse at over kill lengths. In all men do not at all work for their success its always handed to them, and of course she like many other feminists think women do 2/3 of the worlds work again another feminist lie. When the counter points to male privilege are brought to light such as men being coalminers and dying in wars at rates above 90% Anita and the femtard ilk will say that male privileges are distributed to men at varying rates. A simplistic way of down playing their idiocy into a more usable format. In all when men attack her she chants that the privileged are attacking her unjustly, but the reality is a stark difference. She is no victim she is an over privileged lying brat that has conned people out of their hard earned money, and the men she so loathes are refusing to take it lying down. So no Anita you are the privileged coward not me and not anyone of the men like me, who expose your lies.