Our society has had a sick fascination with this subject, be it feminist authors as far back as the 1970s create this kind of story as a Utopian vision, in line with their view that men are the root cause of all the evils in society. Some anti-feminist authors might create exactly the same kind of story to produce a dystopia, to show that feminists are the cause of all the ills of society or that women can step up and be the protects of the oh so precious men whom are now a type of biological oil. Then we have authors taking the stance that if men aren’t calling the shots, women will still make the same short-sighted and foolish decisions at the least in many cases throwing society into feudal injustices and inquisitions. Most of the time these concepts of “Apocalypse how” are so poorly thought out that the don’t even label chromosomes like Y and X and genes Y and X.

If it were not such a sickening subject being used to take up our interests, and yes this is sick its basically all people looking at pictures of the holocaust for a laugh, rape jokes fall into the same line we can’t use rape and mass murder of a group of people to entertain us. If we do we only make ourselves accepting of horrors. We don’t mind violent video games being played by 10 year old kids. Make a woman/man-holocaust is not needed inter partner violence is dropping in percentiles but really kids raised on violence will use violence. male or female these kids are beating their husbands or wives its not right but that’s what we have because violence is acceptable.

I don’t think my words could really do this conceptual horror justice. Please imagine this, a women laying dead on the side walk her 5 year old son clinging to her side begging her to wake up as his older sister follows suit coughing up blood before falling down dead. Soon he realizes there are dozens of women now corpses with blood on their hands as they cover their mouths. Please picture a father rushing to a near by ambulance with his 4 year old girl in his arms coughing up blood uncontrollably because her respiratory system like the rest of female humans is suffering from an unknown highly advanced form of cystic fibrosis that for some reason can’t take hold of a person unless they have two X chromosomes.

Is the image of an endless line of women with her dying son in her arms or trying to stop bleeding uncontrollably or has a fever that just won’t stop rising to the point his brain is literally cooked. Its doesn’t need to be a mother and her son either a loved one, brother, husband, or uncle will do. Now tell me is it a funny or entertaining site in your mind, or terribly horrific? If it isn’t the former then maybe there is a strand of hope in our culture. 

These issues of gendercide and rape can’t ever be used to entertain us, these topic need to be topics of worry and debate not to who and what is the cause or how many are victims. These things need to be subjects of change and concern not a good laugh or a existential protest. I hope as a Masculist and humanist that I can put an end to real cases of both not through force or law but by education, and rebuilding the symbiotic relationship of men and women.