“We acknowledge that men are raped too”…….. “Men don’t get a say in conversations about rape”

“We acknowledge that men are victims of abuse”….. “Men don’t get a say in conversations about abuse”

“We acknowledge that some men face oppression”….. “Men don’t get a say in conversations about oppression”

Female privilege is feeling as though your critiques of society are more valid simply because of your gender without considering the various other factors that could be making that man, in fact, a lot more versed than you. 

I’ve also noticed a lot of gratuitous use of the word ‘but’…. ‘I know men can suffer, BUT….’. You know what the word BUT means? ‘Forget everything I just said, this is what I really think’. It shows me at least, that you’re more concerned about your agenda than being open minded. That you simply ‘acknowledge’ an issue and never consider it again. That you actually don’t care that so many things labeled as ‘women issues’ are in general ‘human issues’.  

I think this is where the differences between MRAs/egalitarians/etc. and feminists/SJWs really tend to show through.  No matter how little a problem may affect women, you will rarely (if ever) see MRAs/egalitarians/etc. claim that they do not have the right to speak on the subject.  They certainly may judge whomever speaks, but it’s normally a matter of merit rather than demographics.

There’s a reason some of the foremost MRAs are women, but the reverse is not true in feminism.