I grew up w/ no mother and a father who let me form my own opinions about everything, including women. He never trashed my mother for leaving us when I was 4, but he did point out when women were acting in selfish or silly ways. Dad also pointed out women who had achieved a lot, like Amelia Earhart or Mother Theresa.

My dad also taught me how to think and to listen to my instinct when something didn’t sound right. When I heard the word ‘feminism’ my first reaction was, ‘why do they need a name if what they want is equality?’ That question has never been properly answered. The other thing that struck me about feminism was how angry these women were and how nothing was ever good enough for them–there’s an old expression, ‘give them an inch and they’ll take a mile’, and that very well applies to many women and many feminists.

What does this behavior remind me of? Children. Small children will repeated test the waters to find out how much they can get away with, and they will use every available scheme to succeed, from seduction (emotion) to threats and lashing out. This describes feminism very well–is this a coincidence? I don’t think so. Just like most parents will give into whiny children–at least every so often–men will give into women’s demands, because like the parent they want the ‘child’ to just shut up.

When whiny children succeed in getting what they want, they push even harder to get more, and that’s what’s happened with women as a result of feminism. Women will now use the lies and deception taught to them by feminism to con men and organizations into giving them more and more unearned and undeserved stuff. Further still, women have been taught that feelings are more important than ‘male facts’, so it doesn’t matter if feminists simply make up ‘facts’ to support their ’cause’. It is untrue, for instance, that women get paid less for doing the same job if they have been on that job the same amount of time and work the same number of hours per week as men–the US Government Bureau of Labor Statistics shows this. But if you compare school teachers to coal miners, yes these men do get well deserved greater pay–their job is dangerous, puts their health at risk, is back breaking, and is anything but clean and nice. Women also desperately want to believe that they deserve to get all men’s property and wealth if a marriage doesn’t work out–partly because a bogus study in the 70s–refuted the very next year–claimed women suffer greatly from divorce while men prosper. This is simply NOT TRUE but the courts nevertheless side with women because they are simply afraid of angry women. Well, I say f*k them! This is simply and only a case of women being angry that they have lost face with other women and in society when they are disgraced through a divorce. It hardly occurs to these women that they contributed greatly to the demise of the marriage–but then again according to feminism, women can never be blamed for anything, so why start here? If a man is abusive then take him to the cleaners, but then again feminism labels anything that makes women feel uncomfortable as ‘abuse’–convenient, isn’t it?

Now there are all sorts of ‘women only’ entities in the US, from gyms in cities to clubs on university campuses–when no men-only facilities or clubs are allowed because that’s ‘sexist’. Are women such little children that they can’t stand for men to have ANYTHING just for men? Men need to experience ‘brotherhood’ everyday, just like women need to ‘bond’, but that doesn’t matter to feminism because Gloria Steinem–a women w/ NO degrees in psychology or medicine–pronounced men and women to be ‘the same’–we’re all ‘female’ according to that idiot–again, how convenient…

Instead of making women look powerful, all of this makes them look like pathetic and helpless victims–I doubt that’s what the ‘founding mothers’ of feminism had in mind, but unfortunately the modern mothers are just fine with this because it means that women get all sorts of things ‘for free’, and that women ‘win’.

Finally, the most capable women I have ever known never whined about ‘female inequality’ or played the ‘victim card’, they just worked hard and used their intelligence and skills to achieve success in their personal and professional lives. If they could do this, then all women can do this–period.

I had a recent discussion with a woman who is against feminism no its not Girlwriteswhat I am not a fan of her what so ever. The conversation involved my past child abuse and the twisted connection it had with feminism.