Men’s rights groups are hate groups; I mean really if this proves the feminists of the west are afraid and enjoy down playing men’s issues is more than enough turn men into Misogynists; not that all the hate literature written by feminists, didn’t start that in the first place. Now many feminist view this AVfM website as misogynistic but the reality is it’s only making men the focus of social issues and like any other group of SJ activists they are angry and pissed off but why do they have so many women writing articles if they loathe women? The reality is they don’t its just a few jerks making mean comments. I do feel that Marc Lepine is a feminist hero; he is the stereotypical violent man that feminists label all men as unless they sit down shut up and do as they are told. I mean literally feminist have said and I quote “men can be feminist to so long as their voices don’t hold equal or greater value than that of women feminists” I mean yes they are angry at women and feminist but lets take a look at the women and feminists they hate, I don’t see any reason not to hate them, men are corn, male only spaces need to be destroyed, its just one unending circle jerk of misandry. 

Also note that these women admittedly are paying and holding fund raisers for the SPLC! I find it very sad that people use blogs as their sources of work, I’d also like to not that when Radfem hub covered false rape accusations they failed to read the part of the reports, that said,


<i>In the city of Denver 41% of the rape case reported were dismissed as false within an 8-10 hour period. According to the FBI, about 95,000 forcible rapes were reported in 2004. Based on the statements and studies cited above, some 47,000 American men are falsely accused of rape each year. These men are disproportionately African-American.</i>


So basically that number means that false rapes nationally are about for 2004, was about 49% Now does this mean I want rapes to be treated any differently? Not really I’d love it if the media kept its nose out of this stuff and ruining the case and the people involved. I hate saying this but I think many feminist just view disagreement or the fact that women are not the focus of attention tends to throw temper tantrums. Are all feminists “bigot man hating dykes” nope they may be wrong at times or misguided but this not likely a whole movement and as an MRA I view the rights of women as an equal issue. In fact I know several lesbians that would like their issues separated from feminism, because of the hetero-phobic, and misandric rhetoric of modern feminism why wouldn’t they?

I honestly feel that feminism is either to conservative in its views, or hasn’t had a good leader or goal in a very long. There is no reason to destroy it but there is plenty of reason for it to destroy the validity of its own members. In other words self police itself, before it casts judgement on MRAs.