This is a call to verbally and physically assault men’s rights supporters and activists. The irony here is that they have not “exposed” any men’s rights activists, but they have done a good job at exposing themselves as advocates of verbal and physical violence. Yes folks these morons put themselves in the wrong not only because the only people being violent and hateful are themselves. This is just yet more pathetic evidence that the feminist movement is a large scale group of whiny over privileged white women and their sex starved lap dogs looking to play victims. great example of how persecuting people who disagree with you puts you in the wrong instead. I really hope that the people doing this will learn the difference between an appropriate and, inappropriate reaction to opposing ideas. and what’s the deal with this campus? I can’t imaging that this sort of thing happens to this extent elsewhere?


Recently, U of T has seen an upsurge of men’s rights activism (MRA).  Warren Farrell travelled to the university to discuss his new book, The Myth of Male Power.  His “in-depth” outline of male powerless has incited a new pro-men movement on our campus.  MRAs on campus have been campaigning with posters and guest speakers in order to draw attention towards new issues men are facing within our society. Some of these issues revolve around the erosion of masculinity, sexual consent, biased portrayals of men in the media and a global lack of representation.

It is not a surprise that significant numbers of Western men are drawn towards a pro-male movement that distinguishes women as the reason for economic depression and the erosion of patriarchal norms. Men feel threatened by dramatic changes in their traditional roles in recent decades. They have seen a dramatic decline in their economic status and ability…

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