This is what she says about me 

xxxdude – For being blatantly sexist, objectifying women, all while claiming that feminism is to blame for all of his problems and whining for being called out on his BS. He actually blocked me first, after spamming my inbox with messages that went unanswered (a number of them amounted to “why don’t you like me?”) He then called me a coward. For what? Who knows. Then, when I created the DA group, Childfree Visibility, and made it an affiliate with another group, Childfree-Club, he ran off and created a page that was all about how women exist for the pleasure of men, and then got the admin of Childfree-Club to make it an affiliate.) The info page of the sexist group was lifted right off the info page of the group I had just created the day prior (with a few edits, obviously,) making it a blatant trolling attempt directed specifically at me. This person HATES women, and loves pretending to be the victim when none of them want him.

I do objectify women its called human sexual desire, the funny thing is I defended her from a breeder man so what does that say about her? Oddly I never said why don’t you like me, I said I don’t like you and you don’t like me this the apex of idiocy and/or her need to be the victim. This group isn’t about women being pleasure objects for men, its about men and women hearing the truth and about helping them both have random sex. Over all she has a tad narcissistic personality,and could use some help