Rape and Death Threats 
Feminist child abuse

I’m sure there’s a reason that Katie made this ridiculous statement… right? Maybe it’s because feminists have a tendency of labeling any form of dissenter as an MRA. It sure is an interesting but downright vile shaming tactic. The thought process works something like this;

Egalitarian = MRA
Anti-Feminist = MRA
Misogynist = MRA
Rapist = MRA
Any cis male who disagrees with a feminist = MRA

But the mental gymnastics don’t stop there. According to feminists, given the above;

MRA = Anti-Feminist
MRA = Misogynist
MRA = Rapist
MRA = Cis male

All in all it’s just a giant ad hominem attack derived from pure bias. The goal is to simply make MRAs look bad as opposed to actually refuting their arguments – something feminists have, time and time again, been unable to do.

The Jezebel article in question is defending a woman who;

Showed up to a men’s rights event with the intent of silencing it
Had her cronies pull the fire alarm in attempts to shut down the talks
Screamed “Shut the fuck up! Shut the fuck up!” at anyone who attempted to argue with her
Sang “cry me a river” when the high rate of male suicides was brought up
Generally behaved like a screeching harpy
The article goes on to continually make the same fallacious argument I just spoke of; Anyone who doxxed her or threatened her ( whether they were just random internet users or nutcases from 4chan) were referred to as MRAs – regardless of whether they were actually MRAs or not. And you know what? Given her atrocious behaviour, nicknames such as “Little Red Frothing Fornication Mouth” are pretty damn accurate.

What I find interesting is that you are somehow blissfully unaware of how feminists treat dissenters on Tumblr. Take a look in the “kill all men”, “feminism”, “misandry” and even the “MRA” or “men’s rights activist” tags and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Of course Jezebel is a site that condones rape and murder of men and boys. So even if the men who did this were MRAs then well it would only be a thing called “what goes around comes around”