menvs women

Its often a subject of intense debate, how radicals have tainted the feminist movement. I’ve seen many feminists respond to this with simple dismissals at best when anyone requests the ousting a few radicals. Upon such questions towards removing them feminists have taken defensive positions and stated,

You can’t actually kick someone out of a movement. You can kick them out of an organization, but that doesn’t stop them from identifying as feminist, or starting their own organization. Plus, I’ve learned from experience that if you spend all your time getting your movement down to just the people you want, you don’t actually meet any of your goal. So they’ve “kicked them out” by identifying as people who care about equality and woman’s rights.

Honestly that isn’t really the case, now I have see the response to comments like the one above with the following

Education equality like how feminists and the state believe women making up over 60% of college students isn’t enough? Gender stereotypes like the kind which say that all men are rapists, pedophiles, and abusers [link] So basically, because NAFALT, we should not speak out against all the harm feminism has done to society, is that right? [link][link] [link] [link] If your friends don’t like people thinking that they’re misandrist, tough. Your feminism isn’t the kind taught in gender studiescourses, the kind influencing family law, the kind which influence UN aid agencies which provide aid only to women.

There only response to issues in the United States is to go aboard, re-frame the issue and change the geographical region in question as seen bellow,

The entire world isn’t the United States of America, nor is it entirelycollege graduates. Don’t you remember Malala Yousafzai, the girl who was shot in the head for being vocal and wanting to go to school? Or what about the girls in countries who get married at 13, and even if they were in school before they have to drop out? You responded to a very specific part of my post,and took it out of context to boot. I wrote education for all and equality, which they take to mean things like advocating for laws that would raise the amount of money public schoolsget, and improving working conditions.
Calling feminism, and by extent all my feminist friends, harmful to society because of a few people you don’t like, is like calling white people racists because of the Klu Klux Klan. You’re against a very specific group of people calling themselves feminists but you’re attacking the group as a whole.

By now you’ve noticed a trend, the feminist keeps mentioning things to debate yet provides no evidence to support any of her claims. When men’s issues in the USA come up with overwhelming evidence that it is in fact the fault of feminism, the feminist promptly moves abroad. Change the subject and resorts to petty insults. I honestly don’t know how many times I’ve seen threats of murder, rape, castration, torture, and the ever popular “Fuck you”.

Most feminists aren’t willing to even admit that there’s a problem, but the few that do tend to ask a simple question: “how do we fix it?” This is for you guys.

Being me, brutally honest my opinion is that for the most part feminism has long since missed its chance at salvation. To prove my point Christina Hoff Sommers attempted to do this very thing a few times and was promptly labeled anti-woman by other feminists. However, I am magnanimous on hope as well so please take these given suggestions, to heart:

  • Feminist academia. The biggest reserves of bigotry, it’s been a sanctuary for radscum, and it’s creating much of the….academically suspect research that the bigots in the rest of the movement feed on, in addition to creating bigotry in people who aren’t themselves bigots, but ignorant of the facts. Commit yourselves to finding accurate information and getting accurate results, even if those contradict the things you believe. Lies only fuel distrust and give ammunition to your opposition.
  • Most of what feminist think they know is the product of the aforementioned radicalsThis includes about 90% of the statistics that most feminists “just know” are true. Rape, the wage gap, domestic violence, glass ceiling, you name it, there are serious problems with the existing research. Myth and lies do not help your legitimacy.
  • Attack the radicals when and where you can. When radscum hold a conference, or vent their bigotry in public, fight back and condemn their actions . Even most of the nastier MRAs do genuinely want equality, they just default to tactics similar to the earlier waves of feminism because the MRM is now where you guys were then. A handful of nutballs managed to pull together almost a hundred people for a screaming, angry mob to protest Warren Farrell, one of the least objectionable guys in existence. Don’t tell me you can’t do better for people who are far, far worse than even the the worst lies regarding Dr. Farrell.
  • For More things to do see the following lists

Put this list together, and mainstream feminism shall deny radfems their refuge in academia, mainstream media, and the world in general. The radicals will share the status of the KKK and Neo Nazis. The rejection their “research” and “statistics” terms used loosely as their work is largely inaccurate over 90% of the time. Seriously Feminists stop letting them walk around unopposed, worked with other people seeking equality to demonstrate your commitment to it, they won’t stick around for bigotry for long. Radicals must be denied leadership positions pretty much every where. They won’t be able to keep claiming your support when every time they speak they have to do it over a chorus of “we don’t support you”, especially when they can no longer use you to cover their own expenses you will look a lot less culpable for their actions.

The day when you can genuinely say that you [your feminist organization] works towards and ideally succeeds at all of these, true Egalitarians will have no quarrel with you. We may think you’re idealistic, but idealistic is a much better than appearing hypocritical.