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This post will be short I am glad MSNBC was shut down it needed to be served its ass on a platter. A question I am always wondering is have humans been responsible with our technology. Specifically in the information age, we have unlimited amounts of data mostly cats being cute, but when it comes to finding out what is going on in the world around us its nearly impossible without it being covered in biased opinions you have a better chance at finding a unicorn than you do have a news source. MSNBC and FOXNews well there you have two sides of the same coin idiots. I mean there isn’t a single news source or article that doesn’t have an opinion with it. I am biased but the thing is I am not a journalist! I never took the oath of integrity unlike everyone on TV. Then again anyone can be a journalist in their mind through something called blogging. I mean the Huffington post is a blog site not a news agency yet it gets called that be everyone! I mean if humans have squandered the information age’s gifts its not wasting time looking at ninja cat its the fact we have a generation of self declared journalists.


I come from a long line of matriarchs, women who either ruled over their husbands, or ran away from them. My mother is an intimidating figure. She has always served as the neighborhood watchdog, taking on bullies and running the co-op board with an iron fist. If you met her, it would be obvious why I was open to possibility of female dominance, because she embodied it long before it became the defining trend of our era.Men are failing in the workplace,

Well at least Hanna Rosin is honest about gynocentric America. In Time Magazine she makes the following comments.

The traditional household is vanishing
Men are increasingly subjected to violence from female partners
Working and middle-class fathers have become non-existent
Men have become feminize

And what workplace would that be? The one that keeps our infrastructure up and running?

Statistically speaking, 100% of power plant operators, distributors and dispatchers are men.

  • 91% of the nation’s electrical engineers are men.
  • 97.6% of electrical power line installers and maintenance workers are men.
  • 95.5% of water and liquid waste treatment plant and system operators are men.
  • 95.9% of aircraft pilots and flight engineers are men.
  • 98.4% of aircraft mechanics and service technicians are men.
  • 91.9% of computer network architects, who design and implement all our computer based communications systems are men.
  • 94.2% of radio and telecommunications equipment installers and repair technicians are men.
  • 93.4% of garbage collectors are men.
  • 78.2% of all workers in production, transportation and material moving occupations are men
  • 82.4% of all industrial production managers are men
  • 97.5% of all extraction workers, providing the raw materials to run our economy are men

Transportation, energy, communications, water treatment, resource extraction and waste management. Those are the things that provide us with a little something called civilization as we know it, and they are overwhelmingly provided by men.

While it is true that the manufacturing sector has taken a hit in recent years, the United States remains the world’s largest manufacturer, with a 2009 industrial output of $2.33 trillion.  Its manufacturing output is greater than Germany, France, India and Brazil combined.

  • 70% of that total workforce is male.
  • Primary metals manufacturing? 85.6% men.
  • Apparel manufacturing? 68.3% women.
  • So ladies in manufacturing are basically just sewing clothes?
  • How shocking! How surprising! How very housewifely!
  • What are the ladies doing in the workforce anyways?  Most common job categories for women in 2010?
  • Secretaries (96.8% women)
  • Nurses (92% women)
  • Primary and elementary school teachers (81.9% women)
  • Cashiers (74.4% women)
  • Nursing aides (88.5% women)
  • Retail sales (51.9% women)
  • Retail sales managers (44.1% women)
  • Waitresses (71.6% women)
  • Maids (89.9% women)