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So I have noticed a cacophony over female led relationships landing men ‘real’ women. In all the blogs have only a few things in common. I’ll give you all a quick heads up on the common results of a female led relationship for the men of course. Now I will admit that most of them are treating women who dig this life style are some crazy hot imported porn star from the Czech Republic with a coke bottle body free of cellulite.

Tease your husband with the idea of, you sleeping with another man.

Yeah that is if she can land another man she will have sex with him. Now in the 1 in a Billion chance of having a slightly attractive body or land that creepy chubby chaser. You can basically face it that you will be cuckolded. In all with this relationship you are more likely going to have a bull dyke that will forever be commenting on how good other men look. He is a list of what that Dworkin knock off will be spouting

  • She likes big endowments.
  • Your endowment is not big enough for you.
  • Her lover/s are much better at sex.
  • Tell your husband he is a wimp.
  • You are a jerk.
  • Laugh, grin, giggle or shake her head in contempt every time she sees you cry, or have your feelings hurt.
  • That she can’t sleep with someone else.
  • Tell you she is horny because she has been thinking of some other man.
  • Tell you she is going out to look for other men.
  • Force you to watch as she prepares to go out on a date.

In all this is what a female lead relationship woman wrote up as a list. She also thinks she has the body of a 20 year old, with a weight of 114lbs at a height of 5 ft 7 in with 36C cup with natural breasts. In all the sexual fantasy of female lead relationships is just a ruse you won’t find a hot woman like that when out looking for a ‘Mistress’.

The reality of femdom even in pornography end of femdom the women are rather homely. Mistresses in real life and in porn often sport an average beer gut and good portions of cellulite covering body. Now I am more than certain this figure type is common for women in the USA. If the Song “about the bass” is proof obesity is something that the US is accepting of when it comes to women. So you may as well just make a nice living for yourself men, and go abroad you’ll get a woman that looks better and is just better over all. I mean really we already import most of our cars and tech toys, why not just import a bride.


I come from a long line of matriarchs, women who either ruled over their husbands, or ran away from them. My mother is an intimidating figure. She has always served as the neighborhood watchdog, taking on bullies and running the co-op board with an iron fist. If you met her, it would be obvious why I was open to possibility of female dominance, because she embodied it long before it became the defining trend of our era.Men are failing in the workplace,

Well at least Hanna Rosin is honest about gynocentric America. In Time Magazine she makes the following comments.

The traditional household is vanishing
Men are increasingly subjected to violence from female partners
Working and middle-class fathers have become non-existent
Men have become feminize

And what workplace would that be? The one that keeps our infrastructure up and running?

Statistically speaking, 100% of power plant operators, distributors and dispatchers are men.

  • 91% of the nation’s electrical engineers are men.
  • 97.6% of electrical power line installers and maintenance workers are men.
  • 95.5% of water and liquid waste treatment plant and system operators are men.
  • 95.9% of aircraft pilots and flight engineers are men.
  • 98.4% of aircraft mechanics and service technicians are men.
  • 91.9% of computer network architects, who design and implement all our computer based communications systems are men.
  • 94.2% of radio and telecommunications equipment installers and repair technicians are men.
  • 93.4% of garbage collectors are men.
  • 78.2% of all workers in production, transportation and material moving occupations are men
  • 82.4% of all industrial production managers are men
  • 97.5% of all extraction workers, providing the raw materials to run our economy are men

Transportation, energy, communications, water treatment, resource extraction and waste management. Those are the things that provide us with a little something called civilization as we know it, and they are overwhelmingly provided by men.

While it is true that the manufacturing sector has taken a hit in recent years, the United States remains the world’s largest manufacturer, with a 2009 industrial output of $2.33 trillion.  Its manufacturing output is greater than Germany, France, India and Brazil combined.

  • 70% of that total workforce is male.
  • Primary metals manufacturing? 85.6% men.
  • Apparel manufacturing? 68.3% women.
  • So ladies in manufacturing are basically just sewing clothes?
  • How shocking! How surprising! How very housewifely!
  • What are the ladies doing in the workforce anyways?  Most common job categories for women in 2010?
  • Secretaries (96.8% women)
  • Nurses (92% women)
  • Primary and elementary school teachers (81.9% women)
  • Cashiers (74.4% women)
  • Nursing aides (88.5% women)
  • Retail sales (51.9% women)
  • Retail sales managers (44.1% women)
  • Waitresses (71.6% women)
  • Maids (89.9% women)

1) the presumption of innocence;
2) the burden of proof is on the Crown;
3) proof of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt; and
4) proof is made during a fair and public hearing.

This is what is known as a Star chamber.

To find oneself in the star chamber requires one simple accident of birth: you have a penis.

Violent crimes have now been segregated into two types: violence, and violence against women. The explanation for this separation is that feminists feel women are more vulnerable than men and require a unique status in court that serves to ‘enhance’ their equality with men.

In 2000, feminist scholar Sara Hinchliffe, described her concerns with this demand for special treatment of women by the courts.

The debate about equality raises serious problems for conceptions of women as freely choosing, rational agents. If a different standard is required by which to judge women because they are unequal, then social inequality may be formalized in law. The fact that battered woman syndrome has become an acceptable defense to murder in the United States is one contemporary example. If women are not susceptible to the same assumption of equality and rationality as men then women may be excluded from the presumption that they are capable actors.

In cases of rape or sexual assault, the disturbing changes to the legal system are thus:

  1. The presumption of guilt;
  2. A shift of the burden of proof onto the accused;
  3. Removal of mens rea or “guilty intent” as a requirement for conviction;
  4. Rape shield laws that interfere with public hearings and defense rights.
In the United Kingdom Chivalry has been enacted within the court system. Yes, that is correct, the the Equal Treatment Bench Book recommended that half the population, based solely on sex, should get lighter sentences for the same crimes than the other half.

It raised very few eyebrows and is now standard practice. And it looks like the policy is about to grow like a tumor.

The message here to female criminals is clear. Do whatever you want, you will not get punished. Indeed, you will be rewarded.  Need a food allowance? Assault someone.  Want to move into new digs? Kill your husband.  Hurt someone, steal from them, lie about your husband or boyfriend in court, embezzle money from your company, sell drugs to school children (then make videos of them having sex), molest your children, drown them in a bathtub or just put out cigarettes on them out of frustration when your favorite TV show gets cancelled. Its all good you won’t do time, because it is some man’s fault.

Basically its a free pass at giving feminists their wet dreams, Kill all the menz.  Even if it would result in the end of the very society that they take for granted.

If I admit here and now feminist if society is truly against you, will you stop making it a self fulfilling prophecy. If false rape is so common such as a  November 24, 2010, WABC/Good Morning America weather forecaster Heidi Jones, 37, made a false police report when she claimed that two months earlier, a Hispanic man in his 30s or 40s grabbed her from behind in Central Park while she was jogging, then dragged her into a wooded area, and attempted to rape her. The man bolted when two tourists saw the incident, she claimed. Jones also reported that the same man showed up near her Manhattan apartment almost two months later to threaten her. He allegedly told her: “I know you went to the police.” Police treated the claim very seriously but eventually grew skeptical, and Jones finally admitted she made it up. “I made it up for attention,” she admitted. “I have so much stress at work, with my personal life and with my family.” The Jones case would be a garden variety false rape claim if it weren’t for the widespread attention it has attracted due to the false accuser’s minor celebrity.

 If you keep claiming she is a minority of women when she isn’t the only thing left for people to do is hate the people that think she is a victim. Thus fulfilling your so called prophecy, and no people don’t hate all women for Ms Jones but they certainly will if you keep up ranting that she is 2% of all rape claims when its clear she isn’t. No one hates all women for this but you certainly aren’t giving them much choice.
Also if you keep supporting violence against men at random, and also claim you don’t support violence agaisnt them this double talk will only bring about more hate down upon your shoulders and I wouldn’t want that to happen but it certainly will. You honestly can’t expect us to think that if you keep trying to make rape a women’s only issue when its obviously not view pages 18-19 in the report or pages 28-29 in the PDF. What “sex” actually involves and means varies from person to person quite a bit.  For some people, sex means “penis in vagina (or anus) with thrusting for a period of time”, and that’s it.  For others, sex is a more inclusive term that includes oral sex, mutual masturbation and a whole slew of other acts.

The definition of rape can really have as wide or narrow a definition of “sex” as the party creating it wants, but that definition should be designed to be consistent and egalitarian; perpetrators or victims should not be excluded simply due to demographics. The perception that men really don’t get raped much at all is reinforced by almost everything that has anything to do with rape.  Laws and the courts that interpret them give far more attention to male perpetrators and female victims.  So do nongovernmental organizations like RAINN which create campaigns to “teach men not to rape”.  Lots of people don’t even realize male rape has happened when they witness it because it just doesn’t cross people’s minds that sometimes, men just don’t want to have sex.  It’s a vicious self-perpetuating cycle of victim erasure where ignorance of the problem is used as proof of its absence. The fact feminists are the lobbyist for these laws and organizations only lead to more people hating you, and I obviously can see anyone in their right mind want to be hated when they claim to stand for equality. I am merely saying that the only logical results you will receive is misogyny. 

Poor western white women how terrible it must be to educated and overly valued

White women throughout the world and online are apparently championing their fight for civil rights. Sounds silly right, well its beyond silly its fucking hysterical! Really though how many people have seen white women every truly oppressed? When white women marched and set fire to things in the UK back in the early 1900s it was their husbands and fathers that took the blame for them it was very rare for a suffragette to even get arrested. Only a few of the more violent women were arrested. This arrest however was far from anything a man would face. Oddly even if these women admit their privilege don’t expect them to make it something objective so much as victimizing of themselves. Yes I am calling “patriarchy” a conspiracy theory. I mean really it is, you have the three needed pillars of a conspiracy. It divides the good and the bad clearly and makes the good guys the under dog. In this case feminists label themselves the under dog despite their the dominant social ideologies of our time, they receives millions (directly and indirectly) of dollars in government funding and has more lobbying power than any other social movement including the President of the United State Barrack Obama. The two others are rather obvious the skin deep patriarchy is generally accepted as the Us president is a man, but no meaningful evidence of a global male conspiracy oppressing women exists! Finally Latour’s assertion that a “conspiracy theory” is largely derived from Marxist inspired theory. Oddly almost all feminist thoughts and actions are inspired directly from Marxism and Anarchism. So if the Patriarchy was real in the feminist mentioned ways then why is it women, and in result feminists turn out to be the numerical majority of all things good. Women live longer have more medical research and treatment option then men and despite controlling 88% America’s 1% they only pay a fraction of the taxes men pay and only work in the white collar world largely because the opertunities in American are largely reserved for women, most often white women of Feminism.

The Core

Lets understand the beginning yes the very beginning of whiny white women is the very beginning of feminism. It started with Suffrage, and I don’t seen any black or Hispanic women. Don’t believe what I am saying, well here we are several images all about the Suffrage movement. Look at the white women in white marching, such brave strong women, yeah no more like privileged rich women with nothing to do. I mean literally throughout nations like Africa, South America and across Native American cultures Patriarchy did exist, but that never meant women had no poweror choice as most feminist declare. For feminism destroying the Patriarchy is their single unifying lynch pin, even if it is nothing more than a myth at best and more often a bogus Conspiracy theory as I have already mentioned.

Where the non white women were

The life of women in Africa was more matrilineal, they contributed to the economy in equal numbers as the men. While hunting was a mainstay for meat it was not the main food, men would often fish farm and even do so with the help of their wives and daughters. This of course was long before the Dutch and British slavers. Hell Native American women worked side by side with the men while the tribes were over all run by men it was heavily influenced by women. When white settlers appeared in the New World the fact women were working is what made the Native Americans appear to be savages. After all they had created a system to pamper their women as ladies or consumers of products.

In the New world the British established a heavy reliance on slavery. So a man in Africa would soon be no more than a pack animal. He couldn’t marry or keep his family together nor could he prevent or exact justice when his wife and daughter were raped. In the mean time the master’s wife and or daughters would sit around fanning themselves and playing dress up with their slaves. So in the end they really had very few issues about having their sexuality oppressed or abused.

With the people we now call Hispanic they lived in a Patriarchy although their power in society was not like a stay at home mom they had to prove their ethics and their value of their to a man. They were never allowed to go from pampered daughters to pampered wives. They proved their skills as farmers or at handling game and medical practices of the tribe. While men went through their passages of manhood the girls had to study and learn trades to become a woman worthy of marriage and a valuable tribe member.

Now it must also be noted, lest you think this is strictly a white vs. non-white dynamic. I’m trying to establish. Its not, Eastern European white women of today can’t adopt the western feminist narrative either because communism also saw them “liberated” from traditional gender roles. This is far from true unless you mean only from gender roles, and not actual freedom. So when western white women were whining about patriarchy the women of the East were probably to busy working. It was this very fact that they and other women (native american, Hispanic and African Americans) would not see traditional gender roles as something not so oppressive or harmful.

Now for the women I just mentioned the way a white woman lived in the 1950s and 1960s was something very rare for a black man to be able to provide. In fact not many white women even cared for their own homes or children.

In the south and across America the wealthy white women who made second wave feminism often paid black women to raise their children, clean the home their husband paid for, and cook the food for the husband and his wife. I honestly wonder how many of the black women that served these women could ever adopt feminism? The feminists were treating them just barely better than a slave cutting their pay if they used the toilets they kept clean. How could these women buy into Patriarchy if the men they saw were coming home every day to a woman that couldn’t even be bothered to cook him dinner? The man’s wife pays no attention to his child or home. From the place of a white woman and from the black woman is it any wonder why feminist or racial animosity between the two is more tense than white men and black men? The White Generation Y men grew up the Children of the lazy entitled feminist women, and the minorities grew up watching these spoiled white women whine about women’s rights so long as the woman was white and well off of course. So now we are in the generation of Attachment parenting.

The List of White women

Andrea Dworkin

Valerie Solanas

Robin Morgan

Susan Brownmiller

Sally Miller Gearhart

Catherine Comins

Jessica Vallenti

Germaine Gree

Clarie Sargent

Faith Whittlesy

The entire writing staff of Jezzeble

Shirley Chisholm

Anita Sarkeesian

Well that’s as many feminist I can list and yes they are all western gender feminists. As for Feminism as we know it today, is a middle/upper-class white, western female supremacist group with many members dedicated to killing all the men or at the very least making us into less than human. Feminists focus their energy on minimizing the value of traditional gender roles and on the promotion of unrealistic gender superiority of the poor opressed white women. The fact their cause was founded on the status those women elite women that enjoyed, and continue to enjoy living the most well-protected, pampered, adored, and privileged life, and it is designed largely to inflict serve problems upon to those who serve them.

menvs women

Its often a subject of intense debate, how radicals have tainted the feminist movement. I’ve seen many feminists respond to this with simple dismissals at best when anyone requests the ousting a few radicals. Upon such questions towards removing them feminists have taken defensive positions and stated,

You can’t actually kick someone out of a movement. You can kick them out of an organization, but that doesn’t stop them from identifying as feminist, or starting their own organization. Plus, I’ve learned from experience that if you spend all your time getting your movement down to just the people you want, you don’t actually meet any of your goal. So they’ve “kicked them out” by identifying as people who care about equality and woman’s rights.

Honestly that isn’t really the case, now I have see the response to comments like the one above with the following

Education equality like how feminists and the state believe women making up over 60% of college students isn’t enough? Gender stereotypes like the kind which say that all men are rapists, pedophiles, and abusers [link] So basically, because NAFALT, we should not speak out against all the harm feminism has done to society, is that right? [link][link] [link] [link] If your friends don’t like people thinking that they’re misandrist, tough. Your feminism isn’t the kind taught in gender studiescourses, the kind influencing family law, the kind which influence UN aid agencies which provide aid only to women.

There only response to issues in the United States is to go aboard, re-frame the issue and change the geographical region in question as seen bellow,

The entire world isn’t the United States of America, nor is it entirelycollege graduates. Don’t you remember Malala Yousafzai, the girl who was shot in the head for being vocal and wanting to go to school? Or what about the girls in countries who get married at 13, and even if they were in school before they have to drop out? You responded to a very specific part of my post,and took it out of context to boot. I wrote education for all and equality, which they take to mean things like advocating for laws that would raise the amount of money public schoolsget, and improving working conditions.
Calling feminism, and by extent all my feminist friends, harmful to society because of a few people you don’t like, is like calling white people racists because of the Klu Klux Klan. You’re against a very specific group of people calling themselves feminists but you’re attacking the group as a whole.

By now you’ve noticed a trend, the feminist keeps mentioning things to debate yet provides no evidence to support any of her claims. When men’s issues in the USA come up with overwhelming evidence that it is in fact the fault of feminism, the feminist promptly moves abroad. Change the subject and resorts to petty insults. I honestly don’t know how many times I’ve seen threats of murder, rape, castration, torture, and the ever popular “Fuck you”.

Most feminists aren’t willing to even admit that there’s a problem, but the few that do tend to ask a simple question: “how do we fix it?” This is for you guys.

Being me, brutally honest my opinion is that for the most part feminism has long since missed its chance at salvation. To prove my point Christina Hoff Sommers attempted to do this very thing a few times and was promptly labeled anti-woman by other feminists. However, I am magnanimous on hope as well so please take these given suggestions, to heart:

  • Feminist academia. The biggest reserves of bigotry, it’s been a sanctuary for radscum, and it’s creating much of the….academically suspect research that the bigots in the rest of the movement feed on, in addition to creating bigotry in people who aren’t themselves bigots, but ignorant of the facts. Commit yourselves to finding accurate information and getting accurate results, even if those contradict the things you believe. Lies only fuel distrust and give ammunition to your opposition.
  • Most of what feminist think they know is the product of the aforementioned radicalsThis includes about 90% of the statistics that most feminists “just know” are true. Rape, the wage gap, domestic violence, glass ceiling, you name it, there are serious problems with the existing research. Myth and lies do not help your legitimacy.
  • Attack the radicals when and where you can. When radscum hold a conference, or vent their bigotry in public, fight back and condemn their actions . Even most of the nastier MRAs do genuinely want equality, they just default to tactics similar to the earlier waves of feminism because the MRM is now where you guys were then. A handful of nutballs managed to pull together almost a hundred people for a screaming, angry mob to protest Warren Farrell, one of the least objectionable guys in existence. Don’t tell me you can’t do better for people who are far, far worse than even the the worst lies regarding Dr. Farrell.
  • For More things to do see the following lists

Put this list together, and mainstream feminism shall deny radfems their refuge in academia, mainstream media, and the world in general. The radicals will share the status of the KKK and Neo Nazis. The rejection their “research” and “statistics” terms used loosely as their work is largely inaccurate over 90% of the time. Seriously Feminists stop letting them walk around unopposed, worked with other people seeking equality to demonstrate your commitment to it, they won’t stick around for bigotry for long. Radicals must be denied leadership positions pretty much every where. They won’t be able to keep claiming your support when every time they speak they have to do it over a chorus of “we don’t support you”, especially when they can no longer use you to cover their own expenses you will look a lot less culpable for their actions.

The day when you can genuinely say that you [your feminist organization] works towards and ideally succeeds at all of these, true Egalitarians will have no quarrel with you. We may think you’re idealistic, but idealistic is a much better than appearing hypocritical.

So its been a while, I admit but lets take a look at what the “Good Man Project” is up to, ah curing the psychiatric problems of fictional men. Really as if men struggling with a sex addiction are in short supply. If anyone with a desire to truly help men with any of the many institutional discrimination men endure daily its not GMP.

    1. Gross judicial inequity against men.  (Being black raises the chance of incarceration after arrest ~20%, being male raises it over 150%.  In addition, sentences are often up to 40% shorter for women than men, even for the same crime.)
    1. Gendered/sexed military service requirements.  (I’ve got no objection to service requirements, but everybody has to be in line for the same thing.)
    2. Men accounting for virtually all workplace deaths.
    3. False accusations of rape which depending on the study range from few but problematic to absolutely rampant.
    4. De jure sexism in IPV (domestic violence) laws which apply different standards to men and women.  (VAWA etc.)
    5. Cultural bias of “women as victims” leading to the belief that men can’t be raped or abused, let alone by women. 
    6. Cultural prejudice against men operating in a child-rearing capacity whether in the home or workplace.
    7. De jure sexism in divorce courts, including the misuse of restraining-order laws originally intended to protect women.
    8. Sexism with regards to both child-support and alimony laws.
    9. Lack of judicial resources to combat paternity fraud, and lack of mechanisms for victims to remove improperly-applied CSOs and sue for reimbursement.
    10. Prejudices in (particularly early) education against boys and educational programs that consistently cater to stereotypically female styles of learning.
    11. Societal standards which simultaneously force men to approach women then condemn them for doing so.
    12. Societal standards which encourage or force men to financially support women without sensible cause.
    13. Acceptance of negative media portrayals of men, where such a portrayal would not be acceptable of a woman.
    14. Lack of good media role models for young men.
    15. Pressure on men to conform to stereotypes destructive to both themselves and others, whether that of the “good man” who subordinates himself to others or of the “bad boy” who engages in behavior harmful to himself and others.
    16. Disregard for the reproductive rights of men, and the attitude that consent to sex equals consent to procreation.
    17. The treatment of all men as potential or actual rapists, pedophiles et cetera.
    18. The current face of feminism that’s less about gender equality than it is about bashing men.
    19. The notion of “patriarchy” as something “by men, for men” rather than an overarching problem which affects men and women in relatively equal and opposite ways, caused originally by biological roles rather than any conscious choice by anyone.

    Instead no the so called “What about the Menz” types common to the GMP are more concerned about Don Draper’s sex addiction? While yes it is induced by the fact he was raped by a postitute at the depression era whore house he lived in as a teen boy this is a realty for thousands of men. I mean maybe if these feminist actually took their heads out of their asses and visited these men need all the help they can get and they are disadvantaged enough as is when it comes to being abused by women. I mean to say misplaced intentions is an understatement. I mean not only is she trivializing things she is only telling half the story to boot. No where in her article does she even mention why Don is addicted to sex, she doesn’t even acknowledge the fact Don is in fact  Richard “Dick” Whitman. A Korean War enlisted soldier that swapped tags with a Lt Don Draper. Is it a surprise feminism isn’t taken seriously? I mean focusing on fiction over reality in almost as many ways as possible not only through lies but by imagining themselves as therapists to people that NEVER EXISTED!  Yes Madmen is a nice show with well made characters but there are countless men and boys that are victims of abuse women. If feminists want to be treated with any amount of respect then it needs to rethink its actions, over the past 20 years and correct them by ousting bigots and morons. The Good man project is to far gone and to much of an over grown masochist gathering ground for emasculated and self loathing men.

False Rape Accusations are a wonderful thing Just ask Catherine Comins, then assistant dean of student life at Vassar:

“Comins stated that men who are unjustly accused can sometimes gain from the experience. ‘They have a lot of pain, but it is not a pain that I would necessarily have spared them. I think it ideally initiates a process of self-exploration. ‘How do I see women?’ ‘If I didn’t violate her, could I have?’ ‘Do I have the potential to do to her what they say I did?’ Those are good questions.'”

Perhaps Luke Harwood had the opportunity for some self reflection as his teeth entered the back of his throat. I do hope so, because I would hate for the lessons of this false accusation to be lost on him. Could he have violated this woman? Perhaps it created within him a process of self exploration while his face was being kicked in so hard it shattered his facial bones. It may have been difficult for him to concentrate, however, over the sound of his false accuser’s sister, Emma Hall who (and I quote) “cackled over the two hour assault”.

I just hope he had time to thoughtfully consider how his actions, had he actually committed them, would’ve made some poor girl feel. Before a boot came down on his head so hard his head “popped like a marshmallow where his brain came out”.

THANKFULLY this eighteen year old father of one was only brutally murdered. The real victim here, of course, is the false accuser. That poor girl will have to live the rest of her life knowing her lies killed someone. So, Feminists, of course, will sympathize with her. Poor girl.

Once again Feminists will deflect and defer and tell us all this has absolutely nothing to do with Feminism. Nothing to do with misandry.

And they’ll have the audacity to forget about this tomorrow and then spew on and on about “rape culture” and how everyone tolerates rapists…

They’ll never own this. They can’t. But it’s all theirs.

Men’s rights groups are hate groups; I mean really if this proves the feminists of the west are afraid and enjoy down playing men’s issues is more than enough turn men into Misogynists; not that all the hate literature written by feminists, didn’t start that in the first place. Now many feminist view this AVfM website as misogynistic but the reality is it’s only making men the focus of social issues and like any other group of SJ activists they are angry and pissed off but why do they have so many women writing articles if they loathe women? The reality is they don’t its just a few jerks making mean comments. I do feel that Marc Lepine is a feminist hero; he is the stereotypical violent man that feminists label all men as unless they sit down shut up and do as they are told. I mean literally feminist have said and I quote “men can be feminist to so long as their voices don’t hold equal or greater value than that of women feminists” I mean yes they are angry at women and feminist but lets take a look at the women and feminists they hate, I don’t see any reason not to hate them, men are corn, male only spaces need to be destroyed, its just one unending circle jerk of misandry. 

Also note that these women admittedly are paying and holding fund raisers for the SPLC! I find it very sad that people use blogs as their sources of work, I’d also like to not that when Radfem hub covered false rape accusations they failed to read the part of the reports, that said,


<i>In the city of Denver 41% of the rape case reported were dismissed as false within an 8-10 hour period. According to the FBI, about 95,000 forcible rapes were reported in 2004. Based on the statements and studies cited above, some 47,000 American men are falsely accused of rape each year. These men are disproportionately African-American.</i>


So basically that number means that false rapes nationally are about for 2004, was about 49% Now does this mean I want rapes to be treated any differently? Not really I’d love it if the media kept its nose out of this stuff and ruining the case and the people involved. I hate saying this but I think many feminist just view disagreement or the fact that women are not the focus of attention tends to throw temper tantrums. Are all feminists “bigot man hating dykes” nope they may be wrong at times or misguided but this not likely a whole movement and as an MRA I view the rights of women as an equal issue. In fact I know several lesbians that would like their issues separated from feminism, because of the hetero-phobic, and misandric rhetoric of modern feminism why wouldn’t they?

I honestly feel that feminism is either to conservative in its views, or hasn’t had a good leader or goal in a very long. There is no reason to destroy it but there is plenty of reason for it to destroy the validity of its own members. In other words self police itself, before it casts judgement on MRAs.

Our society has had a sick fascination with this subject, be it feminist authors as far back as the 1970s create this kind of story as a Utopian vision, in line with their view that men are the root cause of all the evils in society. Some anti-feminist authors might create exactly the same kind of story to produce a dystopia, to show that feminists are the cause of all the ills of society or that women can step up and be the protects of the oh so precious men whom are now a type of biological oil. Then we have authors taking the stance that if men aren’t calling the shots, women will still make the same short-sighted and foolish decisions at the least in many cases throwing society into feudal injustices and inquisitions. Most of the time these concepts of “Apocalypse how” are so poorly thought out that the don’t even label chromosomes like Y and X and genes Y and X.

If it were not such a sickening subject being used to take up our interests, and yes this is sick its basically all people looking at pictures of the holocaust for a laugh, rape jokes fall into the same line we can’t use rape and mass murder of a group of people to entertain us. If we do we only make ourselves accepting of horrors. We don’t mind violent video games being played by 10 year old kids. Make a woman/man-holocaust is not needed inter partner violence is dropping in percentiles but really kids raised on violence will use violence. male or female these kids are beating their husbands or wives its not right but that’s what we have because violence is acceptable.

I don’t think my words could really do this conceptual horror justice. Please imagine this, a women laying dead on the side walk her 5 year old son clinging to her side begging her to wake up as his older sister follows suit coughing up blood before falling down dead. Soon he realizes there are dozens of women now corpses with blood on their hands as they cover their mouths. Please picture a father rushing to a near by ambulance with his 4 year old girl in his arms coughing up blood uncontrollably because her respiratory system like the rest of female humans is suffering from an unknown highly advanced form of cystic fibrosis that for some reason can’t take hold of a person unless they have two X chromosomes.

Is the image of an endless line of women with her dying son in her arms or trying to stop bleeding uncontrollably or has a fever that just won’t stop rising to the point his brain is literally cooked. Its doesn’t need to be a mother and her son either a loved one, brother, husband, or uncle will do. Now tell me is it a funny or entertaining site in your mind, or terribly horrific? If it isn’t the former then maybe there is a strand of hope in our culture. 

These issues of gendercide and rape can’t ever be used to entertain us, these topic need to be topics of worry and debate not to who and what is the cause or how many are victims. These things need to be subjects of change and concern not a good laugh or a existential protest. I hope as a Masculist and humanist that I can put an end to real cases of both not through force or law but by education, and rebuilding the symbiotic relationship of men and women.