First I would like to say sorry for being away for such a long period of time, and now lets get down to business. So its a common penchant of relevant “feminists” that men are useless to not only women but society, thus justifying their extermination. And no the feminist who support extermination of men are not powerless whiny radicals, as made clear by Hilary Clinton’s own proposal to kill men and boys as women see fit through her public schedule. Under the ruse of curing aids. Hilary is one of many at the UN that think circumcision works better than condoms and HIV/AIDS Testing in the prevention of spreading the HIV virus.


Hilary Clinton and most of these “feminist” who feel Circumcision and or genocide will cure aids have the mental equivalent of a child playing with the refrigerator door. They have the mental capacity on par with children, so its not that hard for them to imagine a world without men as a utopia. Even if everything they leach off of is the efforts of a man’s hard day’s work.


I will now cover a few of the things feminists will lose after they kill all the men. Yes all feminists are like this, considering radical feminist are the founding members of the feminist and the fact NOW considers the author of “Society for Cutting Up Men” a hero is something any rational person should consider a substantial issue to consider the feminist movement a hate group. Now just because someone is a liberal certainly doesn’t make them immune to being a bigot it could in fact make it a predisposed condition.


Modern, feminists have inspired “liberal democracy” a society that thinks it is a patriarchy despite the definition of Patriarchy fails to match up when describing the USA, and fails to recognize that only women’s issues matter to the public at large and that said problems don’t have to has destroyed women’s role, by and large, with plunging birth rates across the developed world, but no matter how hard they try and whine they simply CANNOT destroy men’s traditional work, without us all perishing. What they want is for men to do the work silently, and obediently. With no acknowledgement and for no reward.


In other words they want men to be slaves, after all what type of paid employee and employer has a relationship where work in not rewarded with a pay check, and or some benefits.


Do feminists like eating exuberant amounts of food. If you look at Andrea Dworking the obvious answer is yes. Well guess who farms processes, and transports the food they stuff their faces with. Men specifically lets look at railway transportation and maintenance system America’s railroads have historical value when it comes to the construction and growth of America. Without trains the US would never have made it beyond the two separate cost lines segregated by vast hills, desert plains, and mountain ranges.


Now 100% of locomotive engineers and operators are men, 100% of the workers who operate railroad brakes, signals and switches 94.4% of railway yardmasters are men. Even if you chance upon a female yardmaster, guess what feminists it won’t help since she can’t operate the trains their signals, switches and possibly maintain the tracks all at once if she can do any of that at all.


Power, Water, and law enforcement

First up, to go out completely for feminists living in or around the city to lose when they kill all men the entire nation would black out instantly. That’s right you guessed it the entire power grid is maintained by men. 100% of power plant operators, distributors, and dispatchers are men. Now, it’s possible that there are a few women working in these occupations, however many there are, they do not make up even 1% of the total workforce, so statistically, 100% of the workforce is male. I do wonder how less than 1% of a work force is going to maintain and run a power system that will be used by say 150 million women?

Yes, there is in fact automation with much of the power grid (designed by, and maintained by men) feminist should probably pray to whatever earth mother goddess they worship that those automation kicks in for the day. If it does kick in then the Feminist better pray there are no problems. So if the Earth Mother goddess is as real as they think, they better hope that 2.4% of electrical power line installers and maintenance workers can maintain a power grid spanning over 3000 miles. With 97.6% of the people in this particular field being men the Earth mother goddess is going to have a lot of calls concerning power that day.


Well the lights are out across the country, but that’s not the only thing out of the picture, the water is gone too. Don’t try to flush your toilet, don’t try to turn on the faucet because you guessed it, 95.5% of water treatment and waste management workers are men, and with the majority of garbage collectors being men 93.4%, to be exact. The streets of America’s city will be covered in the garbage and human waste. The cities will be uninhabitable, with most of the railway and trucking industries dominated by men the cities will have no food in 3 days and that would be if the cities had the power to keep fresh foods and meats from rotting. There will be no water, sanitation, and electricity in the feminists new man free world. Although that isn’t the end of their problems, they are only just beginning!

If any feminists think there will be some form of emergency services to secure the city and distribute food and clean water they will be sorely mistaken, 87.4% of police and sheriff’s patrol officers are men. There would be little to no response to riots, and the collateral damage of the riots such as fires would spread rapidly with 96.6% of firefighters being men. The hospitals if they are even functioning would be overrun with women who were beaten by other women for a bottle of water and a can of peas. However they wouldn’t receive treatment in time or be rushed to the hospital, 68.8% of Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics are men, and if you ladies get hurt, there’s a small chance you might make it to a hospital. Although with the entire city going tits up you better have good luck, because you have Vegas like odds of getting help, and if you do make it to the Hospital hope you aren’t badly hurt and in need of surgery since 65.7% of all surgeons are men.

Think you can communicate with your other man hating feminist chums online, or maybe text them? No luck the internet and computer network architects, who design and provide tech support for computer based communications systems are 91.9% male. You are now deaf dumb and blind to the world beyond the here and now instead of just being dumb and blind to reality.

So it seems women are screwed, yes indeed. Feminist killed all the men and with that they sealed society’s fate. No so called patriarchy means everything from food to power, and then some is now a thing of the past. Between women killing each other over cans of cat food and clean water, there is nothing to save them or even keep them from killing each other. The resulting chaos would consume all life faster than if the women could work together long enough to die off in a generation.


Not that women are parasites, hell if the women died Hospitals and many people in need of individual care from children to the old would be left on their own, and yes the lights and water would be working. That doesn’t mean shit won’t be fucked up, I mean really women are needed by society just as much as men are so why even think of killing off the opposite gender?

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