So I have noticed a cacophony over female led relationships landing men ‘real’ women. In all the blogs have only a few things in common. I’ll give you all a quick heads up on the common results of a female led relationship for the men of course. Now I will admit that most of them are treating women who dig this life style are some crazy hot imported porn star from the Czech Republic with a coke bottle body free of cellulite.

Tease your husband with the idea of, you sleeping with another man.

Yeah that is if she can land another man she will have sex with him. Now in the 1 in a Billion chance of having a slightly attractive body or land that creepy chubby chaser. You can basically face it that you will be cuckolded. In all with this relationship you are more likely going to have a bull dyke that will forever be commenting on how good other men look. He is a list of what that Dworkin knock off will be spouting

  • She likes big endowments.
  • Your endowment is not big enough for you.
  • Her lover/s are much better at sex.
  • Tell your husband he is a wimp.
  • You are a jerk.
  • Laugh, grin, giggle or shake her head in contempt every time she sees you cry, or have your feelings hurt.
  • That she can’t sleep with someone else.
  • Tell you she is horny because she has been thinking of some other man.
  • Tell you she is going out to look for other men.
  • Force you to watch as she prepares to go out on a date.

In all this is what a female lead relationship woman wrote up as a list. She also thinks she has the body of a 20 year old, with a weight of 114lbs at a height of 5 ft 7 in with 36C cup with natural breasts. In all the sexual fantasy of female lead relationships is just a ruse you won’t find a hot woman like that when out looking for a ‘Mistress’.

The reality of femdom even in pornography end of femdom the women are rather homely. Mistresses in real life and in porn often sport an average beer gut and good portions of cellulite covering body. Now I am more than certain this figure type is common for women in the USA. If the Song “about the bass” is proof obesity is something that the US is accepting of when it comes to women. So you may as well just make a nice living for yourself men, and go abroad you’ll get a woman that looks better and is just better over all. I mean really we already import most of our cars and tech toys, why not just import a bride.