The G-spot is a Canadian women’s show similar to “The Talk” and “The View” it ran for the better part of a year until the show was canceled for well who knows but the members of the show, thanks to the net have continued their idiocy. This time the subject is the male Birth Control pill. They feel it is a dangerous thing and should not be allowed to exist. 

“What I’m worried about are all the other men – the unmarried, uncommitted, casual daters who can walk away from a situation if an accident happens because they forgot to take their birth control, or just lied about taking it altogether. Never mind the large increase in STIs and AIDS that would probably arise from the inevitable decrease in condom use.”

Walk away? Yeah right, men are NEVER thrown in jail for failure to pay child support and we are all just an ignorant bunch of jackasses who have no idea how STDs are spread. 

No doubt pharmaceutical company executives, in lieu of very expensive market research, will take note of these voices and conclude that spending the money to develop and viably market such a method might pose more a financial risk than it’s worth. If there are so many opposing voices and not much observable support for these methods why put up the money? This like abortion is yet just another one sided benefit from feminism. Just like how abortion, Roe v. Wade declared that the “imposition of parenthood” on an individual was just too much of a burden for the state to rightfully impose …on women. This meant that even after conception women would have a right to decide whether or not the pregnancy would come to term. Men however were not to enjoy that same option. Consequently, men were given the legal burden for someone else’s choices, men cannot at anytime abort fatherhood specifically child support. Also a father’s rights and status as a human being are solely dictated by the mother, who then will tell the court to deny him visitation rights while enforcing child support payments. The system is so broke that women who rape 15 year old boys can receive child support(he was 2 years under the age of consent), and women without custody of children can receive child support payments.