So its been a while, I admit but lets take a look at what the “Good Man Project” is up to, ah curing the psychiatric problems of fictional men. Really as if men struggling with a sex addiction are in short supply. If anyone with a desire to truly help men with any of the many institutional discrimination men endure daily its not GMP.

    1. Gross judicial inequity against men.  (Being black raises the chance of incarceration after arrest ~20%, being male raises it over 150%.  In addition, sentences are often up to 40% shorter for women than men, even for the same crime.)
    1. Gendered/sexed military service requirements.  (I’ve got no objection to service requirements, but everybody has to be in line for the same thing.)
    2. Men accounting for virtually all workplace deaths.
    3. False accusations of rape which depending on the study range from few but problematic to absolutely rampant.
    4. De jure sexism in IPV (domestic violence) laws which apply different standards to men and women.  (VAWA etc.)
    5. Cultural bias of “women as victims” leading to the belief that men can’t be raped or abused, let alone by women. 
    6. Cultural prejudice against men operating in a child-rearing capacity whether in the home or workplace.
    7. De jure sexism in divorce courts, including the misuse of restraining-order laws originally intended to protect women.
    8. Sexism with regards to both child-support and alimony laws.
    9. Lack of judicial resources to combat paternity fraud, and lack of mechanisms for victims to remove improperly-applied CSOs and sue for reimbursement.
    10. Prejudices in (particularly early) education against boys and educational programs that consistently cater to stereotypically female styles of learning.
    11. Societal standards which simultaneously force men to approach women then condemn them for doing so.
    12. Societal standards which encourage or force men to financially support women without sensible cause.
    13. Acceptance of negative media portrayals of men, where such a portrayal would not be acceptable of a woman.
    14. Lack of good media role models for young men.
    15. Pressure on men to conform to stereotypes destructive to both themselves and others, whether that of the “good man” who subordinates himself to others or of the “bad boy” who engages in behavior harmful to himself and others.
    16. Disregard for the reproductive rights of men, and the attitude that consent to sex equals consent to procreation.
    17. The treatment of all men as potential or actual rapists, pedophiles et cetera.
    18. The current face of feminism that’s less about gender equality than it is about bashing men.
    19. The notion of “patriarchy” as something “by men, for men” rather than an overarching problem which affects men and women in relatively equal and opposite ways, caused originally by biological roles rather than any conscious choice by anyone.

    Instead no the so called “What about the Menz” types common to the GMP are more concerned about Don Draper’s sex addiction? While yes it is induced by the fact he was raped by a postitute at the depression era whore house he lived in as a teen boy this is a realty for thousands of men. I mean maybe if these feminist actually took their heads out of their asses and visited these men need all the help they can get and they are disadvantaged enough as is when it comes to being abused by women. I mean to say misplaced intentions is an understatement. I mean not only is she trivializing things she is only telling half the story to boot. No where in her article does she even mention why Don is addicted to sex, she doesn’t even acknowledge the fact Don is in fact  Richard “Dick” Whitman. A Korean War enlisted soldier that swapped tags with a Lt Don Draper. Is it a surprise feminism isn’t taken seriously? I mean focusing on fiction over reality in almost as many ways as possible not only through lies but by imagining themselves as therapists to people that NEVER EXISTED!  Yes Madmen is a nice show with well made characters but there are countless men and boys that are victims of abuse women. If feminists want to be treated with any amount of respect then it needs to rethink its actions, over the past 20 years and correct them by ousting bigots and morons. The Good man project is to far gone and to much of an over grown masochist gathering ground for emasculated and self loathing men.