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The G-spot is a Canadian women’s show similar to “The Talk” and “The View” it ran for the better part of a year until the show was canceled for well who knows but the members of the show, thanks to the net have continued their idiocy. This time the subject is the male Birth Control pill. They feel it is a dangerous thing and should not be allowed to exist. 

“What I’m worried about are all the other men – the unmarried, uncommitted, casual daters who can walk away from a situation if an accident happens because they forgot to take their birth control, or just lied about taking it altogether. Never mind the large increase in STIs and AIDS that would probably arise from the inevitable decrease in condom use.”

Walk away? Yeah right, men are NEVER thrown in jail for failure to pay child support and we are all just an ignorant bunch of jackasses who have no idea how STDs are spread. 

No doubt pharmaceutical company executives, in lieu of very expensive market research, will take note of these voices and conclude that spending the money to develop and viably market such a method might pose more a financial risk than it’s worth. If there are so many opposing voices and not much observable support for these methods why put up the money? This like abortion is yet just another one sided benefit from feminism. Just like how abortion, Roe v. Wade declared that the “imposition of parenthood” on an individual was just too much of a burden for the state to rightfully impose …on women. This meant that even after conception women would have a right to decide whether or not the pregnancy would come to term. Men however were not to enjoy that same option. Consequently, men were given the legal burden for someone else’s choices, men cannot at anytime abort fatherhood specifically child support. Also a father’s rights and status as a human being are solely dictated by the mother, who then will tell the court to deny him visitation rights while enforcing child support payments. The system is so broke that women who rape 15 year old boys can receive child support(he was 2 years under the age of consent), and women without custody of children can receive child support payments.


1) the presumption of innocence;
2) the burden of proof is on the Crown;
3) proof of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt; and
4) proof is made during a fair and public hearing.

This is what is known as a Star chamber.

To find oneself in the star chamber requires one simple accident of birth: you have a penis.

Violent crimes have now been segregated into two types: violence, and violence against women. The explanation for this separation is that feminists feel women are more vulnerable than men and require a unique status in court that serves to ‘enhance’ their equality with men.

In 2000, feminist scholar Sara Hinchliffe, described her concerns with this demand for special treatment of women by the courts.

The debate about equality raises serious problems for conceptions of women as freely choosing, rational agents. If a different standard is required by which to judge women because they are unequal, then social inequality may be formalized in law. The fact that battered woman syndrome has become an acceptable defense to murder in the United States is one contemporary example. If women are not susceptible to the same assumption of equality and rationality as men then women may be excluded from the presumption that they are capable actors.

In cases of rape or sexual assault, the disturbing changes to the legal system are thus:

  1. The presumption of guilt;
  2. A shift of the burden of proof onto the accused;
  3. Removal of mens rea or “guilty intent” as a requirement for conviction;
  4. Rape shield laws that interfere with public hearings and defense rights.
In the United Kingdom Chivalry has been enacted within the court system. Yes, that is correct, the the Equal Treatment Bench Book recommended that half the population, based solely on sex, should get lighter sentences for the same crimes than the other half.

It raised very few eyebrows and is now standard practice. And it looks like the policy is about to grow like a tumor.

The message here to female criminals is clear. Do whatever you want, you will not get punished. Indeed, you will be rewarded.  Need a food allowance? Assault someone.  Want to move into new digs? Kill your husband.  Hurt someone, steal from them, lie about your husband or boyfriend in court, embezzle money from your company, sell drugs to school children (then make videos of them having sex), molest your children, drown them in a bathtub or just put out cigarettes on them out of frustration when your favorite TV show gets cancelled. Its all good you won’t do time, because it is some man’s fault.

Basically its a free pass at giving feminists their wet dreams, Kill all the menz.  Even if it would result in the end of the very society that they take for granted.

So it seems that feminist at large can’t seem to take any criticism what so ever. Their counter points are lame, easily debunked, or just plain ridiculous. They say radicals contribute nothing to the movement, but not even Wikipedia is stupid enough to lie about that. Andrea Dworkin, Joanna Russ, and Gloria Steinem huge founding members are sexist bigots. Then you have male feminists like Manboobz and Arthur Goldwag who label the men’s rights group a hate group after it finds out the identities of radical feminists that use forums to discuss how they would murder little boys at the schools where the women in question work. In fact, the SPLC had to rescind the hate group claim for libel, the fact the MRAs not only proved Goldwag wrong yet again. I honestly hate Goldwag for making women into over grown infants, and condones banning the second amendment for what to make sure women have guns to protect themselves? Not to mention a good sum of feminists have a very long track record of silencing Battered Men, sexually abused boys, and even supporting forced circumcision to end AIDS and HIV of all things. As for anyone supporting male victims of anything expect a small riot ensue if meet publicly. Arguments against Anti-feminist range from grasping at straws to barely making sense. Case in point, Warren Farrell in 1978 had an interview with Penthouse on sexual fantasies involving incest. Apparently that means he condones actual incest. Then there is the Anders Behring Breivik argument its really lame saying he was an actual MRA when he seemed to be supporting more of a traditionalist view, I say seemed since his writings are more like the rantings of a man in need of serious mental help, and I mean like a straight jacket intervention help. Not to mention I couldn’t understand most of his manifesto. No one actually supports what he did, and he had no real connections to the MRM hell some MRAs used his actions to increase mental heath funding for men, to prevent more people from dying. Are there reasonable feminists sure but honestly the more you whine about being judged the less seriously I take you. I mean literally ousting radicals isn’t that hard to do, I mean really stop funding feminist groups that have radicals in them until they are fired. Plus when you ask have them have they made any petitions end infant circumcision, or make rape laws that include women as rapists. No, not one and since that is the case you can’t really sit around and whine to me that I am being unfair. In fact, most of the hate feminists claim anti-feminists have is actually feminist hate for women and men they don’t agree with. No one is above hating someone or some group for disagreeing with them. Sometimes a person can be more prone to it if they have a decent amount of self righteousness behind their intentions.  

Then there is the line that says, “Tell every woman in your life why you are against equality” when someone judges feminism is a total cop out of debate and a lame one at that. I mean whats next benevolent sexism, you realize you can’t make hate into a good thing. Its not possible, its an oxymoron the last time I checked the KKK lynched black people not bring them a cookie platter. I am not going to support telling women to check their privilege, that is ignorant and I won’t resort to such low levels of “debate”. Privilege is concept used generalize and insult a person for being different. I honestly think its time feminists try to figure out why people hate them and fix that issue instead of getting pissed off.